Chechnya, in blood 

Victim of state terrorism of Russia

A country widely known as one of the birthplaces of terrorism.

I believe it is one of the victims of shameful imperialistic state terror, an example of how terrorism may be borne and nourished by imperialist opressors, blind of thirst for power tzars, communist leaders, barbaric neocapitalist rulers. All of them of the same country: Russia.

Russia occupied, put in chains, deported, killed, opressed a nation of less than one million members five times within two centuries. The Tzar of Russia invaded them, Bolsheviks deprived them of independence after the communist revolution, Stalin, this greatest of gangsters deported them during WWII, the neocapitalist heroes, who do not care about the life of their subjects launched a war against them as soon as they declared independence in 1994 and again in 1999. This war is still not finished and cannot be won this way. Chechens are intelligent, brave people and the law of vendetta is binding for them.

How do the Russians care talking about terrorism, how does the world accept this ideology that the opressed are called terrorists, and states, that use modern weapons, all means of state terrorism to mercilessly kill innocent people are treated as liberators or fighters against terrorism?!

I shall try to find reliable information on Chechnya and put up here as soon as I find them:

Time, Chechnya



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Christian Science Monitor

Guardian Unlimited 

The above four pictures appeared in Time, in an article predicting that Putin was going to declare victory and withdraw from Chechnya. Will it be a final solution? Definitely not! He does not understand anything. Judge about the fact his bloody face is used in Chechnya as a symbol. A symbol of what? Read the results of only this last and lasting war (the fourth picture)!

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