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Thoughts, collected in connection with the terrorist attack on the States,

Or the voice of a common man


First of all: I want to join the choir of those who condemn terrorism as unpardonable, inhuman, barbaric act even if it is a reaction to something unpardonable, inhuman, barbaric.

The attack of terrorists on the US was unimaginably monstrous, the work of ugly, crazy mass murderers. My heart is with the victims, their relatives and friends, with everyone touched by this barbaric act of terrorism.

It was at the same time an absolutely precise plan of splendid brains, excellent experts in military, aviation, security, construction and even public relation questions, executed practically flawlessly by brave, intelligent soldiers of a power in which they blindly believed.


I decided to collect my thoughts and the thoughts of others that I value higher than my own ones. Everything said, written below is done with sympathy, with the intention to help finding the best solution to annihilate terrorism on our Earth. 

                - The country received threat after threat for years, but these threats became very frequent and they were accompanied by, combined with anti-globalization protests.

                - The protest in the Middle-East gave birth to a new form of attacks: kamikazes appeared on the scene.

                - The most important failure is that the administration got a serious warning: if my informations are correct, an Iranian jailed in Germany asked the police to let him call the authorities of the State, because he had to inform them of a planned terrorist attack. They put down the receiver both in the White House and at CIA after he uttered a few sentences. Pearl Harbour was repeated then as well, not only in New York. (Népszabadság, 15th of September, referring to Neue Presse.)

                - Two huge spying organizations, spending tens of billions every year were not capable to collect or unable to put together informations flowing definitely not only outside the State, were unable to find the network of guerilla groups, persons - even inside the States - who must have been working for years to prepare this bastardy act.

                   - Terroristic is - in my mind - any act that is aimed at fellow human beings, endangering their life. Stop? Probably a few words must be added: unless it is proved that without applying such measures the life of other human beings is in immediate danger. Right?

If we agree on that, wars are definitely acts of terrorism. At least from one side definitely. I would even add that some acts of war, the ones that are "out of proportions" should be considered terrorist acts and America is not the last in using unnecessary measures. Think of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Have you seen the pictures and films taken immediately after those terrorist attacks? Think of Dresden. Around 120.000 killed in one terrorist attack, most of them burnt alive. Have you seen the town decades after it happened? When I was 7 years old, the city of Nagyvárad (now Oradea) was "carpet-bombed" by around 350 giant bombers (American and British). Do you think there was any difference between that town and Manhattan after it? No, definitely not. You may say that the bombardment was aimed at the railway station with the intention to destroy the supply-line of the fascist armies. Yes, OK. But it was relayed from one of the bombers a few minutes before the bombardment started, on the waves of the No1 radio-station of Hungary, that the raid was over. Aiming at innocent human lives. "Come up from the bunkers, no more danger." Definitely terrorist act.

What makes the difference? A lot.

One of them is that small groups or individuals could not cause much headache in the past: they could not travel far, did not have means of mass-destruction , the differences of human fates were not so obvious, open and the intelligence to judge about it was limited. Now - we could see the difference.

We believed that the main danger, the possibility of war between the two super-powers was over, nobody expected such destruction from smaller powers.

And the shock of Manhattan is so painful, because America never was attacked before. Pearl Harbor was limited to one harbor and the targets were warships. No comparison between the two is possible. This attack on New York was aimed at civilians, much more barbaric than the Japanese one was. 


Let us have a rest and look what others thing of this horrible event:

My collection from the Internet in an hour or so:

1. Ideas of technical character

A visitor of 

"Perhaps airplanes should be equipped with robotic controls to prevent unauthorized flight patterns."  

Another American site:

From computers that could steer airliners away from skyscrapers to face-recognition devices already used to spot casino cheats, technology could provide ways to make the skies safer.

2. Site „Jewish People”:


The events of September 11th were obviously horrific.  One of the worst
days in history.
But as the Arab leadership was being interviewed, we consistently heard
them utilize the exact same three talking points:
l. That they are very sorry for the victims.
2. That although they do not condone terrorism...
3.  they believe that the anger of the radical Islamic people has
escalated because of U.S. policies in the Middle East, in siding with
Israel against the Palestinian people.

This is dangerous and untrue talk, as you can imagine. It will confuse and
twist the truth.   We need to set the facts straight, and we need to do
this immediately.   Please write to your local papers, large and small,
using the following points:

Radical Islamism (not Islamism) is dangerous. It breeds terrorism.  It has
no respect for human life.  They interpret their belief to divide the
world into two: the dar-al Islam, which is the house of peace, and the
dar-al-harb which is the house of war.  The United States, as the most
powerful nation in the world (which is not a Muslim nation), is the "Great
Satan."  The non Muslim countries need to be conquered and controlled,
with the non Muslim infidels even subjected to lives of slavery, (as in
the Sudan where they have terrorized the Blacks in that country).  You can
point to various examples throughout the world which have absolutely
nothing to do with Israel, and were true long before Israel ever came into
existence.   Remember 
 Afghanistan and the Philippians where people suffer regularly at the
hands of the radical Islamists.  It would be ridiculous to hide terrorism
behind the relationship between the United States and Israel, but that is
what the Arab lobby is intending to do.


Will America be told to sit down with the terrorists to try to find an end
to this? We  do hope there will be no reprisal attacks, since this would just
be continuing the 'cycle of violence.'......

My comment: 

ad 2.1.: I believe this opinion is going too far into the past, and is not right declaring that the Arabs limit the problem to the relationship between the US and Israel. But the opinion rightly condemns fundamentalism. I fully agree that fundamentalism (not only the Islamic one) is very-very dangerous, especially if it is lifted to government level.   

3. The opinion of an Internet-firm's CEO:

"We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts, and those who harbor them." I am confident that those responsible and their allies will soon realize what a foolish and terrible mistake they have made. These acts will not go unpunished.  

My comment: This is not the opinion of a thinking human being, but of a parrot. And parrots are very dangerous: they blindly follow slogans, flags, crowns, crosses, weapons.

Otherwise the last sentence of the opinion is correct. But the rest is stressing the responsibility of "...those who harbor them" and "their allies". This is not a "hot topic", it is almost impossible to carry out and may lead to marshlands.

4. The opinion of a Jewish site:



It's painful to say, but we must confront the U.S. government's failure

By Daniel Pipes -- IT IS likely that more Americans died yesterday due to acts of violence than on any other single day in American history.

Two parties are responsible for this sequence of atrocities. The moral blame falls exclusively on the perpetrators, who as of this writing remain unknown.

The tactical blame falls on the U.S. government, which has grievously failed in its topmost duty to protect American citizens from harm. Specialists on terrorism have been aware for years of this dereliction of duty; now the whole world knows it. Despite a steady beat of major, organized terrorist incidents over eighteen years (since the car bombing of the U.S. embassy in Beirut in 1983), Washington has not taken the issue seriously.

Here are some of its mistakes:

If there is any good to come out of yesterday's deaths and trauma, it will be to prompt an urgent and dramatic change of course in U.S. policy, one that looks at the threat to the United States as a military one, that relies on human intelligence, that comprehends the terrorist mentality, and that closes down the domestic network of terror.

An easy assumption pervaded the airwaves yesterday that the morning's horrors will have the effect of waking Americans to the threat in their midst. I am less optimistic, remembering similar assumptions eight years ago in aftermath of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center; but that turned out not to be the wake-up call expected at the time. Perhaps because only six people died then, perhaps because the bombing was not accompanied or followed by other incidents, that episode disappeared down the memory hole. We owe it to yesterday's many victims not to go back to sleep again.

We also owe it to ourselves, for I suspect that yesterday's events are just a foretaste of what the future holds in store. Assuming that the attacks in New York and in the Washington area were only what they seemed to be, they killed and injured only those who were in the buildings under attack or in their immediate vicinity. Future attacks are likely to be biological, spreading germs that potentially could threaten the whole country. When that day comes, this country will truly know what devastation terrorism can cause. Now is the time to prepare for that danger and make sure it never happens.

JWR contributor Daniel Pipes is director of the Middle East Forum and the author of several books, most recently Conspiracy: How the Paranoid Style Flourishes and Where It Comes from. Comment by clicking here.  

My comment: If I were American, I would most probably make the same mistake of thinking only from inside The US. From inside everything said (except the threatening of foreign governments) seems to be correct, BUT do not forget to study the situation from outside as well. I shall revert to this question later.

5. wsws:


WSWS : News & Analysis : North America

The political roots of the terror attack on New York and Washington

By the Editorial Board
12 September 2001

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The World Socialist Web Site unequivocally condemns the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Those responsible for the hijacking of four commercial passenger aircraft and their conversion into flying bombs are guilty of mass murder. Nothing of a socially progressive character will be achieved on the basis of such an indiscriminate and callous destruction of human life.

These acts of homicidal terrorism manifest a toxic combination of demoralized pessimism, religious and ultra-nationalist obscurantism, and, it must be added, political opportunism of the vilest character. Terrorist organizations—notwithstanding their anti-American rhetoric—base their tactics on the illusion that random acts of horrific violence will compel the US ruling class to shift its policies. Thus, in the final analysis, they hope to make a deal with Washington.

However it seeks to justify itself, the terrorist method is fundamentally reactionary. Far from dealing a powerful blow against imperialist militarism, terrorism plays into the hands of those elements within the US establishment who seize on such events to justify and legitimize the resort to war in pursuit of the geopolitical and economic interests of the ruling elite. The murder of innocent civilians enrages, disorients and confuses the public. It undermines the struggle for the international unity of the working class, and counteracts all efforts to educate the American people on the history and politics that form the background to contemporary events in the Middle East.

Nevertheless, our condemnation of Tuesday’s terrorist outrages does not in the slightest imply any lessening of our principled and irreconcilable opposition to the policies of the US government. Anyone who wishes to understand the why and wherefore of yesterday’s events must study the historical and political record of the US in the Middle East, especially over the last 30 years. The unrelenting efforts of American imperialism to secure its domination over the oil resources of the region, which has entailed, among other things, unstinting support for the Israeli state’s oppression of the Palestinian people, has placed the United States in violent opposition to the legitimate and irrepressible democratic, national and social aspirations of the Arab masses.

In the immediate aftermath of Tuesday’s events, politicians, editorialists and media pundits have declared over and over that Americans must recognize that the destruction of the World Trade Center means the United States is at war and must act accordingly. But the fact of the matter is that the US government has been engaged in direct warfare in the Middle East, in one form or another, for the better part of two decades.

Putting aside the massive material aid that it provides for Israeli military operations, the United States has been bombing one or another Middle Eastern country almost continuously since 1983. US bombers and/or battleships have attacked Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Iran, the Sudan and Afghanistan. Without actually declaring war, the United States has conducted military operations against Iraq for nearly 11 years. The ongoing daily bombings of Iraq are barely mentioned in the American media, which has made no attempt to ascertain the total number of Iraqis killed by US bombs since 1991.

Given this bloody record, why should anyone be surprised that those who have been targeted by the United States have sought to strike back?

The same media that is now screaming for blood has routinely applauded the use of violence against whatever country or people are deemed to be obstacles to US interests. Let us recall the words of New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who had this to say to the Serbian people during the US bombing campaign in 1999: “It should be lights out in Belgrade: every power grid, water pipe, road and war-related factory has to be hit.... [W]e will set your country back by pulverizing you. You want 1950? We can do 1950. You want 1389? We can do 1389.”

The foreign policy of the US is a mixture of cynicism, brutality and irresponsibility. Washington has pursued a course that has inflamed the hatred of large sections of the world’s population, creating an environment in which recruits can be found for bloody terrorist operations. In rare moments of candor, foreign policy specialists have acknowledged that the actions of the United States provoke hatred and the desire for retribution. During the Balkan War, former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger stated: “We’ve presented to the rest of the world a vision of the bully on the block who pushes a button, people out there die, we don’t pay anything except the cost of a missile ... that’s going to haunt us in terms of trying to deal with the rest of the world in the years ahead.”

This insight has not prevented the same Eagleburger from declaring Tuesday night that the United States should respond to the destruction of the World Trade Center by dropping bombs immediately on any country that might have been involved.

George W. Bush’s address to the nation Tuesday evening epitomized the arrogance and blindness of the American ruling class. Far from America being “the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world,” the US is seen by tens of millions as the main enemy of their human and democratic rights, and the main source of their oppression. The American ruling elite, in its insolence and cynicism, acts as if it can carry out its violent enterprises around the world without creating the political conditions for violent acts of retribution.

In the immediate aftermath of Tuesday’s attacks, US authorities and the media are once again declaring that Osama bin Laden is responsible. This is possible, although, as always, they present no evidence to back up their claim.

But the charge that bin Laden is the culprit raises a host of troubling questions. Given the fact that the US has declared this individual to be the world’s most deadly terrorist, whose every move is tracked with the aid of the most technologically sophisticated and massive intelligence apparatus, how could bin Laden organize such an elaborate attack without being detected? An attack, moreover, against the same New York skyscraper that was hit in 1993?

The devastating success of his assault would indicate that, from the standpoint of the American government, the crusade against terrorism has been far more a campaign of propaganda to justify US military violence around the world than a conscientious effort to protect the American people.

Moreover, both bin Laden and the Taliban mullahs, whom the US accuses of harboring him, were financed and armed by the Reagan-Bush administration to fight pro-Soviet regimes in Afghanistan in the 1980s. If they are involved in Tuesday’s operations, then the American CIA and political establishment are guilty of having nurtured the very forces that carried out the bloodiest attack on American civilians in US history.

The escalation of US militarism abroad will inevitably be accompanied by intensified attacks on democratic rights at home. The first victims of the war fever being whipped up are Arab-Americans, who are already being subjected to death threats and other forms of harassment as a result of the media hysteria.

The calls from both Republican and Democratic politicians for a declaration of war foreshadow a more general crackdown on opponents of American foreign policy. General Norman Schwarzkopf, who commanded American troops in the 1991 invasion of Iraq, spoke for much of the political and military elite when he declared on television that the war on alleged terrorist supporters should be conducted inside as well as outside the borders of the US.

It is the policies pursued by the United States, driven by the strategic and financial interests of the ruling elite, which laid the foundations for the nightmare that unfolded on Tuesday. The actions now being contemplated by the Bush administration—indicated by the president’s threat to make “no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them”—will only set the stage for further catastrophes.

See Also:
The political significance of Israel’s assassination policy
[7 September 2001]
After the Slaughter: Political Lessons of the Balkan War
[14 June 1999]

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Comment: Definitely leftist view. But let me quote Time again (July 23, 2001/vol.158 No4) in connection with the publication of "Empire", a Marxist view on globalization: "...on globalization, Marxists have been worth reading for 153 years".

I basically agree with the above analysis.

6. Muhammad Ali’s Plea:


World Entertainment News Network--Boxing legend MUHAMMAD ALI made a desperate plea to Americans not to tarnish his fellow Muslims with the same brush as the terrorists.

THE GREATEST, who was born as CASSIUS MARCELLUS CLAY, is shocked and saddened by the attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, but asked American citizens not to condemn the Islamic population for the tragedies.

He says, "I am a Muslim. I am an American."

The former world heavyweight champion spoke in wake of hostility against Mosques and turbaned taxi drivers, which has erupted since Tuesday's tragic events.

7. Arab opinions:

Beirut, Monday, September 17, 2001. Updated 08:30 AM +2GMT
Please reload your browser for the latest update
Today's Lebanese top news
Family: ‘impossible’ that Lebanese was terrorist
‘He enjoyed parties  … he even drank alcohol’
Ziad Jarrah was a ruthless and cunning Islamic extremist who hijacked an airliner with the intention of crashing it into a prominent American landmark, according to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has placed him on a list of 19 people suspected of carrying out the world’s worst terrorist atrocity.
But Ziad Jarrah’s family on Sunday painted a very different picture, claiming the 27-year old Lebanese engineering student was a carefree young man who drank alcohol, lived with his girlfriend and never showed any interest in religion or politics. The FBI believes Jarrah, a Sunni, helped hijack United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757 that left Newark, New Jersey, for San Francisco but crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, killing all on board. However, Jarrah’s grieving family said it was impossible for Ziad to have been the merciless terrorist alleged by the FBI. FULL STORY
Sfeir adds voice to condemnation of attacks
US ambassador grateful for local show of support
The Maronite patriarch said Sunday that last week’s attacks on New York and Washington were “an act of terrorism,” and he urged wide-scale US retaliation.
“Those who planned, encouraged and approved the attack are many,” Cardinal Nasrallah Butros Sfeir said during a Mass dedicated to victims of the attacks told the ceremony. “They deserve punishment so that they would be an example, one which deters others from carrying out similar acts against innocent humanity.”
Among those attending the Mass in Bkirki was new US ambassador to Lebanon, Vincent Battle. Also present were members of the US Embassy, as well as Maronite League head Hareth Chehab, Tadamon Party president Emile Rahme, a delegation of the Maronite Council headed by Raymond Roufayel and several political, social and religious figures. In spite of his aggressive stance, FULL STORY
The Daily Star on line

Lebanese news
Hizbullah regrets lives lost in US

In its first comment on last week’s suicide attacks in New York and Washington, Hizbullah on Sunday described the assaults as “tragic events” but warned the United States not to resort to more “unjust policies.”
“After many Muslim scholars stated their position toward the bloody attacks which recently occurred in New York and Washington ... we call for caution and not falling prey to a state of fear and panic that was intended to be spread throughout the world to give the US administration free rein to practice all types of aggression and terrorism under the pretext of fighting aggressions and terrorism,” a statement said.
“Now the big question is whether what the American administration is planning really has to do with retaliating against the perpetrators of the latest attacks, or whether it wants to exploit those tragic events to exercise more hegemony over the world and practice more unjust policies which have led to this level of hate against the US by many peoples and governments in the world.
“We are sorry for any innocent people who are killed anywhere in the world. The Lebanese, who have suffered repeated Zionist massacres in Qana and elsewhere, massacres that the US administration refused to condemn at the UN Security Council, are familiar with the pain and suffering of those who lost their loved ones in bitter events.”

The Daily Star on line

Lebanese news
Jumblatt says US behind terror attacks
Bin laden is ‘an american agent’
PSP leader believes that FBI and Mossad were ultimately responsible for the hijackings in New York and the Pentagon in an attempt to start a war in the Middle East

Rita Boustani
Daily Star staff

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt believes the US Central Intelligence Agency and Israeli secret service bodies were behind last week’s deadly attacks in the US, and that Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden is an “American agent.”
“There are several questions regarding the people behind the attacks in America,” Jumblatt told a Saturday ceremony in the Chouf.
“I think (the attacks) were a coup carried out by the secret services. The CIA and the Mossad could be behind (the attacks) to provoke a new war and occupy the Middle East.
“Osama bin Laden is an invention of the American secret services, who chose to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan with US backing,” Jumblatt added.
“It is surprising that a great state, which has a military budget of $350 billion, wasn’t able to thwart these attacks … One should find out whether the American (secret) services are implicated in starting a merciless war between America and the racist West against the Arabs and the Muslims.”
Jumblatt also called for a moment of silence in memory of people killed during the attacks, as well as for “Arabs killed in Palestine, in south Lebanon, in Syria, Jordan and Iraq in the war against Israel,” he said.
Jumblatt’s ally, Information Minister Ghazi Aridi, reiterated the government’s condemnation of the attacks, calling them “unacceptable … We have shown solidarity with the US regardless of its policies,” he told al-Sharq radio Saturday.
Aridi said both bin Laden and the Taleban regime in Afghanistan were a product of the US, and that Washington should clarify the definition of terrorism to avoid “plunging the world into chaos.”
He urged Americans not to wage an international campaign against a certain group of people “just because they are Arabs and Muslims.”
He also asserted that Lebanese resistance was not based on terrorism. “We have never occupied land or attacked anybody or committed crimes against humanity,” he said.
Other ministers spoke out against the US’ international role and possible reaction to Tuesday’s deadly attacks.
Energy and Water Minister Mohammed Abdel-Hamid Beydoun said the US had to punish those who killed innocent people, but only according to international law, not merely to let “Americans heal their wounds by causing the death of more innocent victims.
“Any act that doesn’t comply with international law is condemnable and is a terrorist response to terrorism,” Beydoun told a graduation ceremony in Sarafand.
Culture Minister Ghassan Salameh said Sept. 11 would be remembered as the start of a “re-balancing of power.” During a TV interview Saturday, Salameh said there had been a drastic change in America’s strategy now that it had become a victim.
“The call from the US for an alliance to restore its military prestige against one person means that we have … a real problem. The enemy is now a person working through international networks,” he said.
Social Affairs Minister Asaad Diab, speaking Sunday, said that, had the international charter of human rights been better applied by world leaders, the attacks would not have taken place.
For his part, Baalbek-Hermel MP Assem Qanso said the attacks were the result of past humiliations inflicted by the US, as well as its pro-Israeli bias.
“A day will come when the whole Palestinian people will stage operations against the US and Jews, due to much pressure on them,” Qanso.
Meanwhile, France’s Ambassador Philippe Lecourtier said all countries should cooperate to fight terrorism, though he stressed a need to first define it.
Asked if he considered Hizbullah a terrorist organization, Lecourtier responded: “Don’t try to make me fall in this trap.” ­ With agencies

DS 29/05/03

CairoVoice: "God Bless America" clip is displayed permanently on the site, which is the No1 in Egypt!


Monday, 17 September, 2001: Libyan leader Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi has called for an international conference on terrorism, saying past calls to that effect from Libya and Egypt had remained unheeded. Qadhafi was speaking at a public rally in Soloug, 30 miles south of Benghazi. The event marked the 70th anniversary of the death of nationalist hero Omar al-Mukhtar, who was captured by the Italian occupying forces in 1931 and hanged in Soloug. "We must convene an international conference to study the roots of terrorism...and reach a consensus on the definition of terrorism, because, for instance, Israelis accuse Palestinians of terrorism and vice versa. So what is terrorism?" Qadhafi said. [Reuters]
Monday, 17 September, 2001: Libyan leader Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi has warned the United States that it could fall into a Soviet-style quagmire in Afghanistan if it retaliates there for devastating terror attacks on New York and Washington. Qadhafi said the US had the right to respond militarily to the unprecedented attacks in which thousands are feared to have died. But he urged restraint in the fight against terrorism. "The United States has the right to seek revenge," Qadhafi said at a public rally in the small town of Soloug, 30 miles south of Benghazi. Ordinary Libyans have expressed sympathy with the victims of Tuesday's attacks and strident anti-Americanism seems no longer the norm in Libya. A person at Sunday's rally who started to shout anti-American slogans was immediately booed and shouted down by the crowd. [Reuters]

My comments:

1. It seems that the whole Arab world agrees with America that terrorism has to be annihilated. Even Gadhafi, one of the evils in the eyes of the American administration. Be careful, America, try to assist in nourishing this positive tendency, instead of bombing this country or countries!

2. Some of the opinions may be nightmares, I decided to display them as well just to show, that peoples or even states, condemning the attack, may have opinions regarding possible revenge very much differing from the plans of the US.


Some good news:

It seems that there are almost no countries in the world who are not with you, America. This is a fantastic opportunity!

  Some strange news:

Some thoughts about some of the expressions used by the administration of the US:

I cannot avoid thinking of Arabs I met, Arabs I liked, Arabs, who in certain cases proved to be better than we, white people are.

I could continue and probably will some other time.

This much I just told you to call your attention to a few facts:

Awful news:

The main questions?

I shall try to answer a couple of questions that I feel are the most important ones.

                - The economic weight (definitely not a sin in itself) of America became overwhelming for the underdeveloped world and they do not experience enough understanding of their problems.

                - The technological gap (again not a sin) is fast widening between America and a few developed nations and the rest of the world.

                - The wealth of the world is distributed disproportionately. It is concentrated in the US, in the hands of a few families, mainly in white hands, in the North. At the same time the majority of the population of our Earth is living below human standards. The deepness of inequality seems to reach unbearable proportions and carries in itself the danger of world crisis, the danger of a sudden explosion. This would be a sin of both sides.

                - America remained the only superpower and as a child, it enjoys the situation. Acts alone, hits or hits back on his own, plays the role of world-gendarme. This is political blindness. This behaviour fans the anti-American sentiments to a heat, especially in non-white countries.

                - The permanent or almost permanent military presence of America in vast areas of the world is also a factor that irritates the peoples of the countries involved.

How do I see the solution?

I believe there are at least two sides of the question:

I. How to liquidate existing terrorism?

II. How to eliminate the causes of possible rebirth of terrorism?

The way America, NATO, other associations will handle question I. will make easier or impossible the solution of question II.

ad I. Liquidation

If you follow the above described line of action and behaviour, you will have some, very little, but some hope that you will be able to eliminate the rebirth of terrorism. 

To have serious hopes you have to start the reconstruction of the whole world-order  (at least expressing your serious intention) before starting any operation. You have to change your role of world-gendarme to the role of peace-keeper, builder of a better, more righteous, more efficient world-order.

With that we arrived to II.:

I know capitalism will never change.

I know communism - socialism cannot be repeated, as dictatorships they (most of the states "building" socialism) were horrible, as planned economies - inefficient, full of contradictions, as "liberators" of the world - dangerous. 

But the existing contradictions of our world - if not eliminated - will serve as breeding ground of (international) terrorism: I shall try to make a list of the main contradictions:

I close this chapter with acknowledgement: America has given the world tremendous treasures. Human rights, freedom of conscience, thought, speech, liberation of Europe from fascism, fantastic technological development, rich life to its citizens.

But America, you arrived to a parting of  ways: either you continue playing the role of world-gendarme and fight against growing terrorism or you change your mind and select the wiser road, the role of peace-builder, peace-keeper, friend of different systems, of all nations, religions, in which case after a century or so you will be able to put quietly down your weapons. Think before you hit, before you launch a crusade. 


Wake up America, wake up Capitalism, wake up Riches, wake up North, wake up White Race, wake up Big Powers, wake up World. Our life is in danger. The life on Earth, the life of our Earth.