Denmark - Dánia
Copenhagen - Koppenhága Helsingör - Helsingőr  
I spent just half a day and a night in Copenhagen with my wife and our then very little Amrita. You may imagine that we could hardly see anything of the town. A walk at the seaside, a glance at the world-famous "Little Mermaid".  (Edward Eriksen sculptured her in bronze and his wife Eline Eriksen modelled. The story says that she is a sea king's half-human and half-fish daughter, who must wait on her rock for 300 years before she can enter the world of humans. She's been sitting here since 1913 so she still has a few more years to go.) A walk in the downtown, some important buildings. Tivoli (also world-famous entertainment centre) would have been a must with our small child, but the time was short even for that or probably we found it closed? 

We were able somehow to make a short trip in the evening hours to fort Kronborg, the site of Shakespeare's Hamlet at Helsingör. It was really impressive and interesting.



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