Discriminated Strata

The order of these groups expresses only the number of people affected (in Hungary), in no case the importance of the groups!










Why? - is the first question, asked by clever visitors, visitors who are misinformed or influenced not in the best way. Why are these groups discriminated? They are protected by law, in certain countries women are in really good position, well situated. I am half-Jew -says a clever acquaintance - and I do not feel to be. Why do you not deal with physically handicapped, with those, whose working place has been sold and are unable to find new employment? Why do we not deal with Hungarian pensioners, with those around 100 Hungarians who die of cold and hunger each and every year? Why not with the 30-40% badly underpaid ones? Could also ask further questions.

I do not have perfect answers to these questions. One of the answers is:

Because the list could be unlimited as well. Think only of women ruthlessly beaten in certain countries, of systematically distorted children, being prepared to be beggars, of the institutions of sati, still showing up its face time to time, of calling Jews names in a wide number of countries as if we lived not in the 21th century or in the edge of it.

The second possible answer is: Because these three strata are subject of systematic, deliberate discrimination in several countries or corners of our globe.

The third attempt to answer these questions: Because there, on this spot of our Earth these groups are the biggest ones in number who suffer from discrimination, from brutal atrocities.