My idea was to show you those mostly wonderful places I was able to see during my hectic life.

I thought I had more than enough excellent photos and dias taken with different cameras. I was also sure about my abilities to make at least good if not excellent pictures.

What followed was a disaster. My b/w photos of childhood (taken by my father) and student days proved to be awful. I certainly blame the primitive camera, material, those around 50 years that ran away and spoiled them. Neither my father nor myself can be such nuisances. Then came the colour era and the period of fantastic cameras. My talent could finally blossom, reaching the peak in my b/w pictures, made in India. My photos of Amrita, of Indian faces and the temples of Bellur & Halebid are indeed very good (standing ovation from your side!). But most of my colour pictures and dias are not meant for exhibiting them on competitions of the best photographers of the world. I decline to further comment them. I just mention that in most of the cases there was too much sunshine, or too much cloud, smog, the photo materials used were rarely the best, time destroyed a lot of what remained. No doubt, my fault is negligible. Digital techniques reached me when it was late. I ceased taking pictures at all. I probably should not have: what my friends produce with them is fantastic (see Croatia).

The worst certainly was my fighting with computers, scanners and photo-softwares (I do not mention trade marks, they may try to kill me). One collapse of a computer was followed by my inability to learn more than the surface of these software technics, then - after having spent two weeks on day and night scanning - my winchester expired without warning. I stop again describing my sufferings.

Then, to my great surprise, my "World" became popular. At first my daughter offered her photos and reminiscences (I hope not because she felt pity of me), then her colleague requested me to put up his Dubai, thereafter I became the target of designers of .pps wonders, finally a young friend of mine knocked at my door, offering his and his wife's digital photos of Croatia. I could not resist, most of the pictures were better than mines. So, the original idea got wider field of accomplishment: my World is our World now.

Our World, but far from being ready. I would equal it to world peace: we are closer to it every year, but will never enjoy it. New and new Bushes and Blairs will be born.

Come back regularly, I shall complete it within half a century.