Glosses No11, dtd 06.01:                                                                olvassa magyarul

F-16 again

According to the latest news the socialists demand to reconsider the purchase of F-16s, comparing them to Grippens.

Nobody wants to understand that Hungary does not need more warplanes at all!



Cheaters caught in the "agrarian sector"

Three have been arrested. There are some more on the list of police.

How much has been stolen? We shall never be informed. Is it important to know? I  really do not know. So much has been already stolen in the country, this amount is anyway just a drop of the sea.




The Greatest of All Times deserves a new, prestigious name: the greatest filmmaker of Hungary and the last year of his reigning will be remembered as the year of films good for nothing, oh sorry, films ordered by the Greatest to enhance his greatness.

What a ridiculous process of intervening in a field of art from the very top. Who have done it in the past? Two names jump in again: Hitler and Stalin.



Back to the Olympics: some more good ideas, how the image of the country could be improved

1. Let us rebuild the Parliament from top to bottom, make it more convenient for accomodating the Big Circus which role is actually being played by its members. The shape of the Circus could be that of an ancient tent of  magyars, the central tent-pole should be a kopjafa (wooden headboard, spear of our predecessors) and a Roman Catholic cross should be erected on the top.

The decoration of the tarpaulin should be very simple: a belt of monarchical emblemes.

This would probably cost a little bit more than the planned olympic games, but would express much better the greatness of the ruling class of Hungary.

2. Let us build a nuclear submarine and launch it on Lake Balaton. In the absence of a well maintained crane we shall also be able to sink it on the spot. The submarine would be good then for erecting a national memorial: we were able to build a nuclear good for nothing for our great sea (along with the 24 fighters, good for nothing for our heavens).

This would also cost slightly more than an olympic games, but it would be more difficult to demolish the nuclear submarine than some simple buildings, so it would last longer.

3. My best idea is to launch the biggest balloon of the history of Hungary (we had so few during our history of 1000 years!). It would be cheaper than any of the above, including the olympic games: it would be enough to construct the carcass of the balloon and fill it with the small balloons of Fidesz and the present government. With the ballon of 600 kms of highway, 400% increase of income in the health sector, with this game with the olympic games and the biggest ever balloon would fly high carrying with it the fame of Hungarians. The decorations of the ballon would be very simple: flags, crosses, emblemes of the Habsburg Dual Monarchy, the latest great films, the olympic rings, F-16 fighters. Beautiful, great, indeed!