Glosses No12, dtd 06.11:                                                                                olvassa magyarul

I was dumb for more than a week, because I could not believe my eyes and ears.

What is happening in Hungary is too much even for my steeled soul.

There are two lines of incredible facts:

I.  The bastardy behaviour of the top office-bearers of the second biggest coalition party

1. Torgyán, the (ex?)-president declares that a group of gangsters having close ties to one of the political parties is treatening his life. Incredible stupidity.

2. One of his best friends, the ex-political under-secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture has instructed  the three arrested managers of a firm under the control of the Ministryto mishandle close to a billion HUF, they say. They squandered money to friend, csurches. His arrest is expected.  Mr Torgyán will also be interrogated, according to humours. What a mafia!

3. The son of Mr Gyimóthy - also belonging to the closest circle of Mr Torgyán and vice-president of Parliament - suffered an accident with the car of the Parliament, allocated to his family. A 22 year old chap driving to take his exam, by the car of tax-payers. Attention, tax-payers!

And all this inside the ruling coalition government. How unfortunate is this country. 

II. The stupidity of the Greatest of All Times and his followers

1. Trianon was the main subject of the media for days. A good subject to play on the patriotic feelings of the voters. Bells, flags, churches etc, the usual requisits of this stupid government.

The most important fact was forgotten: Trianon was the result of bastardy politics of the aristocratic-bourgeois rulers of the country and of the Habsburgs. Incredible!

And it was also forgotten that pushing this question to the highest level of political games, throwing it into the face of neighbouring countries may only deepen the existing gap of understanding and may only have negative effect on the life of Hungarians there.

2. The Greatest of All Times declared that Hungary will invite and settle down millions of foreigners in the coming years to fill the gap in labour-supply.

Where is he living? Definitely not on this Earth.

Labour-shortage when nobody knows the extent of unemployment? When the official statistics do not deal with unemployed for longer than 9 months? When 80% of Gipsies are not employed? When the "status-low" has just been forced through the Parliament with the official aim to keep the Hungarians of the neighbouring countries where they live now (or is this law also a dirty political game as most of us believe?).

The stupidity of the announcement is so obvious first his colleagues then himself had to retreat saying that the intention was to let the Hungarians living just on the other side of the border work in Hungary.

Mr Fool! The EU will reach our neighbours more quickly than your silly ideas.

One of the side-effects of this law and declaration:

Austria refused to accept the implementetion of the law for Hungarians living in Austria, because the rules of the European Union forbid it. Learning this, organisations representing Hungarians over there demand compensation, assistance to survive. And the goverment expressed its readiness to consider the request. A country with 30-40% below human standards will assist those who live 5-6 times better and are absolutely free to exercise equal with the Austrians rights. Unheard!

3. The government continues to frantically search for foreign (or lately not foreign?) forces that influenced the Gipsies of Zámoly to leave the country and financed their trip.

In the meantime around 30 men in black hood attacked Gipsies in Jászladány, who live since then in the forest in primitive tents. Black Ku Klux Klan in Hungary! It is a wonder these Gipsies are still in Hungary. Why the same forces did not influence them to live the country?

4. The Greatest of All Times does his best to build excellent image of his country. One of his best steps is to keep in his chair the minister of defence. The minister is well known for his stupidity, inability to carry on negotiations of any simple subject. Good image-builder.

And - today's news - it would not be difficult to steal his eyes: cars and trucks of the value of more than 100 million were sold in one of the army garrisons for farthings.

According to the latest humours NATO is so much fed up with him, that high NATO circles advised the prime minister to kick....sorry, to relieve him of his duties. 

To keep him is as clever as the whole image-building ceremony of the government. 



Convertibility: Playing all this dirty games the government forgot to pay much attention to one of the most important event of the last years, to the fact that the HUF became convertible without any limitations. The convertibility opens up wide road for the economic development, to the European Union. If they do not think so, let us say a word of thanks to those, who played the most important role in achieving this fantastic task: to the economists and bankers of the country who started fighting for this in the early 60s, deep in the Condemned Era. When I first heard of this, the aim was unbelievable, one could take it as a dream or joke.



Medgyessy has become the opponent of the Greatest of All Times. My best wishes, Mr Medgyessy: you are the only hope of those who hate inequality, force, stealing, impertinence, pompousness, brutality, pathological lying, aristocratic rights and feeling of superiority, church in politics.