Glosses No14 dtd 06.23-24:

Backing network                                                                                olvassa magyarul

Alain Subi-Du in his epoch-making political pamphlet Garasország (Farthingland), published in January 1996 (journal Kapu) - on the basis of reports and pure theoretical  considerations  - came to the conclusion that the black forces or mafias in Hungary cannot escape punishment in 100% of cases without the assistance of the police, of each and every chain of the jurisdiction and of the political elite. He christened this anti-human association of the worst members of human race and the ones that are supposed to safeguard the interests of the population against them the backing network.

His well established opinion is proved now: 11 suspects, high office-bearers of the county's police, jurisdiction, jails, and a jurist have been arrested in the county-capital of Székesfehérvár. They had formed a network and saved criminals from punishment. Five more counties are said to be investigated. The politicians - definitely involved - have not been named yet.

The country was/is a paradise for criminals.

Congratulations, Alain.



Two executions

One known criminal was killed in Hungary by blast, one shot in the Slovakian city of Dunaszerdahely. The mafia started punishments again.

Will the killers be arrested ever and if arrested, will  they be punished?




As predicted by me, the so called status-law does not seem to improve the life of Hungarians in the neighbouring countries, on the opposite! Austria declined to accept it before the approval of the law by the Hungarian Parliament, referring to the laws of EU,  Roumania, Slovakia and Yugoslavia - on different level of anger - refuse now, after the approval, to allow the implementation of the law on their territories. Ukrainia's reaction was positive (if I am not wrong) and Slovenia has not commented yet. Let's hope at least in these two countries Hungarians will not suffer from the not very wise law. 

According to the opinion of government circles 70% of Hungarians living in Hungary and in the neighbouring countries are backing the law, would vote for it. They must be right, the tragedy of Trianon influences the whole Hungarian population this way. But this does not mean that after more than 80 years and at the gates of the EU these 70% are wise. I strongly believe that this high percentage is the tragedy of the nation today! 

Last minute news: top official of the EU expressed his opinion that neither member-states nor candidates may pass an act effecting citizens of neighbouring countries without proper consultations with the governments of those countries. No further comment from my side, just a question: do we need this conflict with EU?




The government has spent some HUF 150 billion on the bankrupted Postabank till today. Now - without consulting the Parliament - took a decision to sell it to the Hungarian Post, spending some more HUF 40-50 billion helping the Post to make tha bank workable, according to knowledgable sources. One third of the stocks have already been transferred to the Post (if I understand the news correctly).

But this is a negligible step of irresponsibility in comparison with the fact that the text of the law forbidding such transfers has been simply changed by the competent ministry. Clear, bastardy cheating on the top level.

One more remark: the ex-No1 of the bank is enjoying life in Austria. Regularly comes back to Hungary, gives interviews in the TV. Not only he does not feel responsibility, the above described network saves him even from serious investigations.



Some more bad news

- A person with seven years under investigations for a criminal case was elected a few days ago president of one of the top committees of Fidesz. Hm? Is it a provocative demonstration (to hell with low-abiding people) or what?

- The Greatest of Filmmakers' team....sorry, one of the top managers of a movie being made to order prepared two budgets of the film with a difference of HUF 150 million, indicating in written (!) that this sum may be taken out. No doubt for whom.

- Bulgaria: the ex-tzar's party won the general elections last week with sweeping majority. How tired of communists and rightists this nation  must be, to elect a tzar. A tzar with a beauty and a magician in his team. Good luck, Bulgarians, try to survive this strangest episode of your history of last years.

- János Kornai, one of the best economists of the country left the National Bank's advisory body, saying that the new law regulating the bank's working has not left room for advisors like him. What a pity.



A few good news

- The shadow government of the socialists is being formulated and they started working on the program of their goverment. The first impressions are very good.

- The super-nationalist chairman of the municipality of the Roumanian city of Cluj (Kolozsvár), causing so much troubles for Hungarians living there has been arrested under several counts of criminal offences. Thanks God, finally.

- The ex-president of the council of an important village in the area of Lake Balaton has been invited by the villagers to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the inauguration of the kindergarten of the village. In the 11th year of neocapitalism. The inhabitants are usually much better than the politicians.