Glosses No15 dtd 06.30:                                                                        olvassa magyarul

Crown on the F-16 case

Competent circles in the USA announced that Hungary will not only take on lease 24 scrap fighters F-16, but will also purchase 4 planes as spares. Unheard! This is a confession from the American side that no spares are available for these scrap fighters and  a statement from the Hungarian side that nothing is important for the decision-makers, except considerations that never are published (you know what I mean). The questions of quality, safety are far behind other reasons.

I am not joking, this is a bad joke! As if we were purchasing Trabants from Germany.

This is the crown on this case. In case these planes will be purchased, the decision-makers will have to be ....

Miloshevitch + 3

Hague will administer justice on mass-killer Miloshevitch and three of his top officers. I hope he will not be able to escape judgement as Pinochet was.

It is high time to show the world that leaders may be drawn to responsibility if they use their power for inhuman acts.

North Korea

If one tenth of what is published about starvation in North Korea is true, the leaders of this country should be the next in Hague.

Horthy and his closest circle

One of the closest man to Horthy was rehabilitated the other day.

I hope at least Horthy will be not.

He and his closest circle are responsible for the death of at least one million innocent human beings.

Making of God in India and here

Mahatma is more and more treated as a God in India. Mahatma, the quiet wiseness (maha=great, tma=soul), the leader of the liberation movement against colonialism, the founder of non-violence. He got his titles from the peoples of India.

Here the process is opposite. A nobody wants to be lifted to the throne of Gods using huge amounts stolen from the people for this purpose. He will be quickly forgotten.

Medgyessy and the agriculture

His first aim, made public, is the fast development of agriculture. Right choice, go ahead, Medgyessy.

Our Universe

Scientists are close to find the final clues enabling them to draw a clear picture of what we believe is the Universe, according to Time magazine. I am unable to follow what they say: (hundreds of) billions of Milky Ways flying with increasing speed from an ex-center (Big Bang), 100 billion of stars in our "small" Milky Way alone; the Universe will empty itself, leaving cold and dark emptyness behind; dark material and dark energy making up 2/3 of what we have now as Universe; the Universe is not an unlimited globe, but something flat.

Ayayay, how different this is from the Universe imagined by the Churches! What a headache for them again, how to create new theories to explain that we are so negligible that a God would not select us to save us from our sins out of billions of "living races".  I look forward with clear mind.