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Quickies, a few words on flash news

Are they politicians?, what should I call him?

The No1 of the Labour Party of Hungary (very different from the Labour Party of Britain) declared that one of the main objectives of the party is to fight for the erection of a sculpture of the last communist leader of Hungary, (Mr) János Kádár. Now, say tomorrow.

He is as stupid as my....(you know). As a (so called) politician he should have at least some feeling of timing. I do not exclude that after a few decades or centuries it will be widely recognised that Kádár was the best of politicians of the satellite states of the Soviet Union, but now, today, when the whole leftist movement, thinking is under severe attack from everyone and everything in power, he should bother about questions of today and not about questions of "past glories".

Socialists, be aware, keep a wide distance from him, he may only cause troubles to you.

Mistakes of Horn, again and again

(Mr) Horn, the ex-No1 of the socialists and ex prime minister of Hungary has met The Greatest of All Times again, and again without the consent of the present leadership of the Socialist Party of Hungary.

Two mistakes:

1. He should not attend meetings with one of the worst and most dangerous politicians of Hungary, who is quickly pulling the country backwards to medieval values and values of two very dangerous forces: fascism and Christianity. He should show instead his lower part to this...I do not even know how to call him.

2. He should not continue his unbelievable destructing practice of making political steps (mostly absolutely wrong ones) without consulting his own party.

Socialists, be aware, declare (sooner or later you'll have to do so) that you do not agree with this....I do not know how to call him. He represents only himself.

The Greatest of All Times and the crown lands of his father

The supplier of dolomite to the best metallurgical works of Hungary, having long-term contract till 2009 was simply kicked out and a new contract signed with the firm in which his father has controlling interest. After long "reconstruction process" of the management of the metallurgical works.

After getting contract with the builders (selected avoiding tendering) of highway No3, the father of The Greatest of All Times may consider that Hungary is his crown lands.

And - I am not joking - the reaction of the good son was simple: "Everybody is doing what he is obliged to do." He is doing his, police are doing their, courts are doing their, etc.

The gates to become rich are wide open for family members of the ruling elite of Hungary.

A ruling of the Court of Constitution

The way the socialists intended to make a referendum of four subjects on one list is unconstitutional - says the ruling. I was happy for a single moment believing that the socialists will be wise enough to withdraw with the not very bright referendum, blaming the shortage of time left till the general elections.

The reaction of the socialists was that of the brave horse of Gypsies (The horse of the Gypsy trader runs into a wall. Buyer: "Gypsy, your horse is blind." "Oh, no - replies the Gypsy - he is just brave."): does not matter, we shall anyway push the referendum through.

They have to collect one million subscriptions (every tenth inhabitant of Hungary, including children, beggars, soldiers, sicks, elderly people). Wasting of time, nothing else. And a failure would not do any good before the elections. I beg you: withdraw!

The cross on the crown

The latest announcement of competent Hungarian circles regarding the leasing/purchase of F-16s sounds like this:

- the offer of the USA, received a few days ago is not complete,

- the costs of the - not final yet - project have been increased to the order of HUF 300 billion (more than USD 1 billion!!), what about the price-cutting negotiations, Mr The Greatest of All Times?

- the Ministry of Defence has not this much money allocated to this purpose,

- there are opinions inside the government that the project has to be postponed till after the elections.

Let study this step by step:

- The amount of USD 1 billion - still growing - is the cross on the crown (have a look at the saint crown of Hungary).

- To postpone the project till after the elections does not mean the cancellation of it, just that the government is playing dirty political games with the voters: instead of spelling huge money with good return on bastardy project that could result in losing the elections it is better to spend money now on long delayed steps that will definitely bring votes: on railways, salary of pedagogues, children's hospitals (along with flags, bells, temples), etc. The F-16 project will be executed after the election - if they win - and it will change nothing, scrap of 31 or 32 years of age? No difference at all.

- The growth of the amount involved will be easier to push down the throat of the population after victorious elections.


The taking of oath of the administrative staff of government employees continues. It came to light that the employees are forced to select between two texts of oath: one ending with "God help me". The selected text is filed in the personal file of the employee.

Awful discrimination in the name of God. Definitely unconstitutional and more: rude influence of servants of the power.

I shall describe below one example of rude misuse of the name of God.

Gays and lesbians in Hungary

I am not fond of gays, it is difficult even for myself to define why.

There were two occasions in the near future that drew my attention to the problem.

The first was a demonstartion of gays and lesbians in Budapest. They demanded to lift existing discrimination against them. I understood little of what was going on.

Just a few days later the No1 - a well-combed reddish fellow of middle age, said to be far-rightist - of a district municipality forbade the participation of gays in groups on a youth/student festival arranged in the district. In the name of family ethics, of god knows what.

Now, the question is simple. Since the gayness is proved to be a problem (if it is a problem at all) of gens and exists thousands of years and they are just a minority in accordance with the constitution, nobody, far-rightist, far-leftist on any step of the ladder of power should use any drop of power against them. And people like this hero of past values should be kicked out of their office immediately.

Globex and HUF 5 billion stolen by them

Globex, a German-Hungarian investment firm have stolen around HUF 5 billion from small-investors.

The reason I write about this is not only that this amount is indeed significant, but also because the media is talking about it as of the biggest case of this character for the last 10 years. 

Which is not true. Much bigger cases of misuse of people's money are left without much notice when the government or firms in the hands of the government are involved.

I was trying to add up the amount of stolen money by such organisations and individuals in 1995 and I stopped at the incredible amount of HUF 1000 billion.

The process has gathered new momentums since then. HUF 5 billion is just a joke in the library.

In the name of God

Human nature is such that easily forgets horrors.

I read the other day an account of the killings of the first crusaders that arrived to Jerusalem in 1099: they mercilessly killed every Muslim and Jew in the town. According to an eyewitness the crusaders were walking in blood up to their knees when they finished the execution of those 10000 who were trying to hide and escape the horror in the temple.

In the name of God. The God of the Roman Catholic Church.

If you say it happened almost a millenium ago, do not forget that other crusaders followed the first ones, that inquisition lasted for a long time, during which tens of thousands were tortured and killed in horrible ways, that scientists and reformers were burned alive for centuries (I am not talking about witches), that the mass-killing weapons of the second world war were blessed by representatives of the Roman Catholic Church, including the Roman Pope.

In the name of God. In the name of the same God, the same values, the same middle ages Hungarian administrators have to serve the power. This ugly power!

The Muslims and Jews will bear the mental cross forever.

According to a lot of experts Muslims till our days treat every attrocity caused by white nations against them as continuation of the attrocities of crusaders. That's why their reaction is mostly extreme.

The Jews had to introduce the lineage of ancestry on the maternal side because so many Jewish women were raped during the "wars of cross" that there was no other alternative left to keep the nation firmly together.