Glosses No18 dtd 20.07:                                                                                                                   olvassa magyarul

Tsars around us:

The Bulgarian tsar, who had to leave Bulgaria at the age of nine made one more step towards his throne: he appointed himself the prime minister of his country. Hm

The tsar of Serbia, who does not speak his native tongue returned to his country and got back some of his real assets. Hm

I have not heard of wise tsars since Peter the Great of Russia, but he was in power some three centuries ago. And the revolution of Hungarians against the Habsburgs in 1849 was supressed by a tsar, because the Habsburgs could not put it down alone. Hm

I wonder how these tsars feel about democratic principles of the 21st century?

The Greatest of All Times = Hruschev the Second

Our much beloved The Greatest of All Times decided to follow the footsteps of Hruschev, who - as we all  remember well - took off his shoe and started hitting the pulpit of the Assembly of the UN with it. Our Great Leader hit the table in front of him warning Austrians who purchased forbidden land in Hungary to run away and be happy not to be caught or I do not know what.

His brain has left him (long ago!), as it was the case with his well known predecessor. God save the country (from such kings)!

 Let's memorize names

I have listened to an interview in the "Hungarian No1" (TV channel in the hands of the present power) with the administrative undersy of the Ministry of Agriculture and County Development and the head of the "Cabinet of Agriculture" of the socialists (minister of agriculture of the shadow-government, if you wish so). The name of the latter is to be memorized - Mr Imre Németh -, he was three heads above the representative of the present power. The whole way of his thinking was entirely different, he was concerned not about private or family entrepreneurs, but the agriculture as a whole and his opinion about the problem "land in the hand of foreigners" was much wiser than that of his counterpart. Let's hope he will be the next minister!

Assistance to "family enterprises" in the agriculture

One of the newest stupidities of the present power: they are going to start a program of assistance, extended to so called (by them) "family enterprises", where not only the head of the family, but also the members of the family participate in the enterprise. These are ex-members of agricultural co-operatives (Danish farmers and members of co-operatives, pay attention to this!), who got back their (mainly) small lands, practically do not have modern means of production. The (clearly politcal) intention of the government is to use this sub-subsector as basis of modernisation of the sunken (during the last ten years) to deep levels agriculture. According to calculations of Mr Németh if all families that may, will apply the amount one family may get is of the order of USD 670,- This much about the loud noise of praises of the program.

Suppliers of dolomit: 2/3 and 1/3

The knot of Gordius was solved by (the government and) the management of the metallurgical firm I was talking about in my last glosses: 2/3 of the bread and butter was awarded to one supplier, 1/3 to the other. Can you guess wich one got the bigger share?

The other was told not to protest much!

Two cases

1. Two more high-ranked police officers were arrested last week in connection with the case of the mafia-backing network of Székesfehérvár. Huh, what a nice police we have!

2. The ex-No1 of Postabank has visited Hungary again and gave an interview in the TV: you will not be able to guess in what capacity. Do not break your head: as the newest poet of Hungary.

Not a single word was asked of him about his role in the sad fate of Postabank.


One of the commercial TV-programs of Hungary asked their viewers to participate in a voting: who would back the intention of the Labour Party to erect a sculpture to Kádár, who would say not?

40000 called and cast their vote! Out of this huge for Hungary number 78% (!!!) said yes. I know, this is not the way to get reliable information, but the result is shocking, indeed shocking! Even for me, who is of the opinion that wide layers of the society lost their humanly acceptable position and are at the edge of collapse, this proportion is unbelievable. It throws light on the deepness of problems this country is pushed into by the inhuman leaders of neocapitalism.

And most of those effected by the problem could not even afford to give a ring - said the well-known commentator, a sociologist.

A new public opinion poll by the same TV-channel

The question is: "Is it better to be young now, or was it better during the "Condemned Era". The voting is going on, but the present position after having received 20500 calls is: 87% voted for the past!! What a shame on neocapitalism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The final result is: 31515 votes, 86% would prefer the "Condemned Era".

Two negligible, small matters

1. I was trying to get some cash last Friday, using the very important and pleasant services of the banking system of neocapitalism: my card and ATMs in the area of our residence in Buda (not posh but fashionable). One proved to be empty, the other one could not "recognise" my (and my wife's) card, the third was having only small denominations. In a circle of a few hundred meters.

My friends say that if not on Fridays, but this is definitely the rule on Sundays.

Neocapitalism without proper services.

2. Nurses in one of our hospitals were ordered to use lipsticks during working hours. Probably the colour was left to them to choose, but I am not sure.

Time and Marxism

I am not Marxist, just believe in free thinking (excluding certainly theories and practices against human beings), that is why I was glad to read in Time (July 23, 2001/vol.158 No4) in connection with the publication of Empire, a Marxist view on globalization, that "...on globalization, Marxists have been worth reading for 153 years".

What a contrast if you compare with the global war of the present power in Hungary against everything that is one step to the left from what they believe is right.