Glosses No19 dtd 29.07                                                        olvassa magyarul

The absolute madness of people in power:

A monument to commemorate Trianon (the so called "peace agreement" of 1919, that cut off Hungary half of its territory and population) that was erected during Horthy's regime and removed by the communists, is being reconstructed somewhere in Hungary. One more step to increase the tension, that is already on high level between Hungary and its neighbours. And one of the reasons mentioned is that the reconstruction of monuments removed by communists is in itself a positive step. Crazy, absolutely crazy.

A kopjafa (carved wooden column of ancient magyar's) was erected in another village in the same mood, to commemorate the evacuation - kicking out - of Hungarians from Czechoslovakia after WWII. The speaker of the occasion did not forget to call Benes a racialist politician. OK, he most probably was, but: (1) the Hungarian government of the same period kicked out Hungarians of German origin from Hungary by hundreds of thousands, what about the racialism of our politicians? and (2) why to use every occasion to spit on our neighbours instead of trying to smoothe the tensions of the past when we all stand at the gates of Europe? Crazy, absolutely crazy.

One of the richest chap of Hungary, an ex-pop-musician purchased the most popular sport club of the country, Ferencváros or Fradi in short. The far-rightist party, MIÉP, on the level of vice president protested against the deal. The reasoning was simple: the fellow is Jew and they do not belong to the national body. The most popular politician of the country, who happens to be the minister of justice was asked about the matter. You would not guess her reply! "This is sports and I do not care much about it." I repeat: the minister of justice in a country where racialism killed hundreds of thousands and which is obliged to accept the human and democratic principles of the UN and Europe. With this sentence the minister of justice opened even wider the already open for racialist forces gate of the country. She should immediately resign!! Crazy, absolutely crazy. And: how poor the country is, where she was able to raise to the top on the ladder of acceptance.

Fighter planes

F-16 (A+B or C+D)?

Nothing disturbs the government, not even the opposition, not even the media. It seems as if everybody and everything came to a concensus: it is high time to throw out of the window a fortune.

Which would  tremendously be needed to improve the unbearable low conditions of the health sector. 

Inspite of rumours from government circles that it would be better to postpone the purchase of fighters until after the elections, a delegation from the US has spent a few days in Hungary to sell F-16s, another is here from Sweden to sell Grippens. The only question explained to us is that though it would be better to purchase (or lease?) C and D alternatives of F-16, there is not enough money for that! Is it not the same scrap?

They will purchase F-16s before leaving the arena.

The opposition expressed its opinion

Medgyessy has said during an interview that the socialist would - if they won the election - to first reinburse MIGs and later purchase new fighters. Sounds better, if they stick to the number of planes demanded by NATO. Let us hope for the best.  

A new representative of the backing network of mafias

Another highly ranked policeperson, in the headquarters of another county has been arrested for backing mafias. She was elected last year the No1 policeperson of the country. Nice, indeed nice.

The system of financing our universities

There was a quarrel between the Ministry of Education and some of the universities regarding the way the Ministry - by increasing the limits of approval ("points", collected by the applicants, during their exams) for each and every university from the centre - cut the budget of these universities. How is it? - I wondered. The system of financing is simple, I learned: the number of students x a certain sum allocated to the university for a student = part of (?) the budget of the university for the said year for educational purposes. Definitely not very wise.

BUX, the Stock Exchange of Hungary

Experts share now my opinion that it is dead. Someone even replied yes to a question of a TV-commentator: may we consider that the Stoch Exchange of Budapest is the worst in the world? Thanks to the excellent expertise of our government.

Rape and again rape

Two ridiculous cases of rape in the middle of Europe:

A police officer raped in his car a 19 year old prostitute after she denied free services for this brave man. No comment.

A group of four American soldiers (all of them) of the "temporarily stationed in Hungary US forces" raped a 14 years old girl in Taszár, where the base of the Air Force is situated. They were drunk. Why do they not satisfy themselves by paying dimes to prostitutes? What is the difference between "temporarily stationed" armies? Oh, my good God!