Gloss No.2                                                                                                        olvassa magyarul


The president and his team

The behaviour of the president of the second biggest coalition party (in Hungary) and of his team is beyond any political and human standard. It is not worth to say a single word about them, they will be thrown out like shit.

What forced me to express my opinion is the strange (or not so strange with this government) coincidence: sacks of documents were destroyed, when one of the columns of the team had to leave his important post; one tape, the proof of a scandal of the president's son proved to be "empty", when the police finally examined it; a painting of significant value, which served as target of the president's friends shooting game was destroyed by fire during restoration.

What a coincidence! Ugly coincidence!





I would vote and ask for it.

I have seen only a few human beings dying, nevertheless I do not share the unbelievable, but estimable opinion of the minister, that death is a majestic part of life.

For me the level of sufferings that accompany the passing away seemed to be hellish.

I am not easily frightened, but I do not believe I would be strong enough to fight till the end, till the last seconds of life. I would prefer euthanasia.

But not in this country, where the possibility of the early death of 30-40 patients is considered absolutely normal by the doctors and heads of a hospital. In a country with higher cultural level, responsible health management and well paid employees, yes.




We have grown to be a dustbin

Just a couple of weeks after the government (of Hungary) announced the purchase of 24 fighters of scrap quality, the Municipality of the capital city voted for the purchase of 25 (!) years old tram-cars of Hamburg. And the decisive voice was the vote of the "socialists". What is motivating them?

Scrap again!

Most worrying is that (stupid or worse) politicians take decisions without listening to experts,  without going through the prescribed tendering.

Enough! It is high time to be 1000% strict about dividing responsibilities: let the politicians deal with politics (if they are capable of doing so) and experts not only preparing, but also TAKING decisions in techno-economic matters.

Otherwise we shall become the biggest dustbin on Earth!




Burning of witches

The tools are mediaval ones: gold-laced bow-ties (how do they call them?), Hungarian braided dolmans with high closed collars, white flags smelling of the Roman Catholic Church.

There were a few younger than middle aged politicians among the far older ones.

The site was the Hungarian Parliament, where  the elected by the nation left opposition was damned with a loud flourish of trumpets.

Spitting on constitution, parliamentarism, will of the nation.

How deep can this country sink?

The message is clear: we march to the right, right, right and whoever disturbs us will be swept away.

I am not joking, the danger is real.