Glosses No 20 dtd 07-08. 08                                        olvassa magyarul

The influence of Churches is growing every day

- One of the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church forbade the followers of his episcopate to go and see the newest play about St. Stephen, warning that the figure of the king in the play does not correspond exactly to the canons of the Church. Middle Ages!

- Another high-priest of another Church declared that the main pillar of democracy is the complete retrocession of the wealth of the Churches.

- The biggest church in Hungary, the Basilica of Budapest will be handed over to the Roman Catholic Church on the 16th of August. It never belonged to the Church, was built and maintained by the state using the funds of taxplayers!

- Bishop Tőkés inaugurated the other day a monument, commemorating 1956. No civil servant played role in the happening.

- The minister of justice, who was shy to blame MIÉP for their racialist announcement, but quick in blaming gays  handed over the flag of millenium to a village. The flag was sanctified by the main figure of the happening, the priest of the village (as always).

Shame, shame!

As it is also a shame in my opinion that an innocent person spent 12 years in jail in the USA, because the Roman Catholic priest, whom the killer confessed his sin, kept this a secret until the death of the killer. Secret of confession versus rightousness!

MIÉP, the smiling party of Hungary

The office-bearers of the party kept smiling during interviews regarding their racial behaviour. They knew very well, why. They knew that they had good partners in the government of Hungary.