Glosses No21 dtd 12.08                                               olvassa magyarul

There are two schools of economics in Hungary

I am not joking: this is how the Greatest of All Times explained why "Hungarians" got - without tendering - the big cakes of highways M3 and M7 and will get the remaining sector of highway M5.

He forgot to mention, that

- the EU withdrew HUF 32 billion, promised as part-financing of the project "Highway No3" and declared that they will not finance any project that will be awarded without tendering,

- the ("Hungarian") contractors are unable to execute the projects without involving foreign sub-contractors,

- that his father has been chosen - without tendering - as supplier of  basic building materials,

- some of the foreign participants of the road building market are quickly changing their face, converting their daughter companies in Hungary into Hungarian ones (how will this famous school of economics treat them?),

- that he is promising highway No5 to "Hungarian" firms without consulting the consortium, with whom valid contract has been signed for the same sector; he just sent the message via media, making his decision public.

This is how his school of economics looks like: lawless, rude behaviour, kicking the ass of EU, losing financial partners in the interests of  close circles of The Greatest of All Times and his family.

He did not say a word about the other school of economics.

It is high time to stop him!

BUX as indicator of the feelings of foreign capital towards economic management of Hungary

Foreiners continue pulling out their capital from Hungary. The Stock Exchange is at the edge of collapse. It also indicates the feeling of Hungarian small investors towards the "school of economics" of the government.

Senseless and speedy restoration of the values of Horthy's regime

It is absolutely clear that Fidesz and the government of Hungary have completely surrendered to the values of Horthy's regime and are hurriedly restoring and using them in the interests of their PR campaign, decorating their "panem and circenses" policies.

Just a few examples of the last days:

- They are spending hundreds of millions of forints (without making public the exact calculations) for taking the crown to the Basilica of Esztergom for a half-day demonstration. The day is declared a public holiday, obviously for securing visitors, trying to prove the importance of the decision (which is a good occasion again to pocket a part of expenses.

- They are working hard on the rehabilitation of one of the ideologists of the regime, Hóman, ex-minister of culture. His memorial tablet was recently inaugurated.

- They restored the insignia "Corvin" of the Horthy's regime. The first person to be decorated will be the Hungarian Jew, Mr Eduard Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb. Good game, indeed! The government that is clearly backing racialist forces, decorates a Jew. Good, but dirty game. If I were Teller, I would not accept the "honour". Let them wash their dirty linen some other way, using less important and not so famous names.

These are just a few drops of the sea of events that lead an important observer, a politologist, with whom I fully agree, express his opinion about Fidesz saying that they do not have any morals as basic principle. According to the same person Fidesz and the present government have stolen hundreds of billions of forints from the people of Hungary during their three years tenure.

Budget for three years

The opposition is not very wise: the government announced their plan to make the next budget for three years and the opposition started protesting, saying that this way Fidesz intends to secure bigger amount for their uncontrolled disposal. Surprisingly the opposition expressed fear of losing the general election. They should have only said: OK, agreed, we shall win the election anyway.

Fight around fighters

- Americans imposed deadline on accepting their offer (scrap, you know): September.

- The Greatest of All Times declared that the conversion of MIGs would be a waste. He must know, why.

- Turkey came up with a better offer, than the American one: 24 pcs of 10 years old F-16s for much less than what the new big brother is asking. The Greatest of All Times does not count with the new opportunity "since Turkey is not a member of EU" if I  understood him well.

- An expert - who was not familiar with the exact content of discussions with the suppliers - expressed his (mostly stupid) opinion, that

    - Hungary needs around 80 fighters (simply childish),

    -  the "air to surface" weapons of the MIGs are obsolate (even if so, those are not defence weapons: are we going to declare war, or what?),

    -  the expected age of  fighters may be increased to 80 years (how, I doubt very-very much),

    - the Turkish planes are as old as the American ones, having been in use (flying hours) as much as those (it is not a simple equation, fellow!),

    - (the most stupid:) in case the MIGs were refurbished, Russian (I suppose technical) experts would remain in Kecskemét; they would be able to spy and inform the enemy (are they?) about movements of the fighters, collect informations on the structure of NATO, etc. (this fellow is decades behind developments: whoever wants to find anything in this country can do it without sending spies and I can demonstrate you the structure of NATO from my computer, since it is public),

- But the best news is that someone on the top in the Ministry of Defence received significant amount of bribe from the Russian-German consortium for backing the conversion of MIGs. Sounds stupid: who pays much in advance? This must be a well timed rumour launched by fighters for F-16s who expect much more than what the rumour is talking about.


Foreign matters

- China: the population growth is under control. The first person whom I mentioned this fact happened to be a MIÉP-fan. His reaction was tipical: they must have been using hard measures to achieve this. Instead of thanking God, that one of the most serious dangers for the human race has been eliminated. Bless God is my reaction!

- It came to light that the Italian police sent "agent provocateur"-s to the masses of protesters against globalisation in Genua, whos duty was to increase the anger of the public. This provocation made possible for the police to apply rude measures against the till then quiet people. Ugly, dirty!