Glosses No22 dtd 08.19-20                                                                       olvassa magyarul

The unbelievable has happened

The crown was taken to Esztergom, the capital of the Roman Catholic Church of Hungary for religious ceremonies, in which the highest office-bearers of the state participated as well, demonstrating the unity of the RC Church and the State. The whole ceremony, the uniforms of participants, everything smelled of Middle Ages and of Horthy's regime.

Since the crown was transported by ships, river Danube was closed for normal traffic for three days. The happening cost us, taxpayers hundreds of millions of forints.

The population of Hungary proved to be adult: seven-to-eight thousand of them visited the ceremony. Declaring the day public holiday did not help.

The crown will be raised to central position again

The 20th of August is St. Stephen day. The day will be crowned (as usual) by firework. The onlookers will get an unusual "present": a structure, representing the crown will be erected and lighted in the middle of Chain Bridge, in the very center of the capital and the firework. Is the Greatest of All Times making preparations for restoring monarchy?

A kiss of the hand of The Greatest of All Times

I am not joking: an old lady has kissed the hand of The Greatest of All Times (photo published in "168 óra", 16th of August, 2001). It is always a shame when human beings in high (royal or high priests) position allow other human beings to kiss their hand. But in a democratic state a young man's hand kissed by an elderly lady? Unbelievable, unheard! He must be mad of power. Be aware of him!

MIÉP is encouraged to shout Jew

The jurisdiction of Hungary closed the case of racialist behaviour of top office-bearers of MIÉP. It was encouraged by the minister od justice, who refused to condemn MIÉP. With this the government is backing racialist forces of the country. Be aware of them!

The No1 of the builders of highway No3 and No7 has resigned weeks ago

It came to light only a few days ago. No reason was mentioned. Something must be wrong with the construction of these highways, awarded to the firm without tendering.

Afghanistan - Taliban Justice (Time, August 20/27, 2001)

The "religious police" (!!!) in Kabul arrested 24 people, 8 foregners and 16 Afghans of the charity Shelter Now International, announcing, that they were trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. The 16 Afghan SNI workers may face death penalty. Death penalty for religious reasons in the 21st century!


In the same Time (page 16) you can read an article about a software called Online Procedures Enhancement for Civil Applications system, introducing which the government of South Korea made open online for the public files of the procurements of public offices, practically excluding corruption. UN is busily translating the software into 6 languages and intends to offer it free to all governments of the world.

How much will Hungary spend on building barriers in front of the application of OPEN?