Glosses No23 dtd 25-26.08                                                        olvassa magyarul

The Greatest and Wisest of All Times

Our beloved ruler was very wise again: he expressed his two important standpoints regarding the status-law. One is that he is in full agreement with the organizations representing Hungarians living in our neighbouring countries in connection with the implementation of the law, therefore the law will definitely be implemented. The second is that the fate of Hungarians in the neighbouring countries will be finally changed and solved with the elimination of political borders between Hungary and our neighbours.

Very, very wise, indeed:

First, if we translate this stupid opinion into common (non-political) language, the opinion of the governments of our nice or (suppose) stupid neighbours does not count at all. We, Hungarians, headed with this wise man, may quietly spit on their opinion and do whatever we think clever, not counting with the fact that Europe is still divided by borders, political, economic, ethnic. It is not strange that we do not have neighbours who do not hate us.

The second is closer to reality if we do not take into consideration that we have this status-law. The fact that we have explains that this very-very wise politician is thinking of the next days and does not understand that it will take decades or even centuries until different ethnic groups will forget the past and will be able to live without dissonances. Increasing the tension now will delay the date - long after the demolition of borders - when the Hungarians abroad will be able to achieve quiet co-existence with the sorrounding ethnic groups and join (?) the basic population of Hungary.

The PAST has begun

This is how journal "168 óra" (168 hours) comments  the steps of the last few weeks of FIDESZ and the government , playing with their slogan "The future has begun".  Almost every step of slightest political significance taken by them drives the country from democracy and secularizm towards the past, towards Horthy and the Roman Catholic Church, towards nationalism and racialism, towards Ecclesiastical State. I fully agree with "168 óra": these people have gone mad.

(The latest rumour is probably not baseless: The Greatest of All Times is undergoing mental treatment.)

A few further news

- Nemeskürthy, a historian, who does his best to restore the history of Hungrians in absolutely nationalist lines has suddenly been appointed general. A historian in the role of war-lord? Do we want to frighten our neighbours? Unbelievable, fantastic!

- The just restored Corvin-chain was established by Horthy in the thirties. Whoever accepts this honour has to remember that one million deaths was the result of his reign.

- Prostitutes caught around Formula-1 are sentenced to serious punishments within days. Very important, indeed. Racialists are not touched at all and gentlemen stealing billions escape everything at the same time.

- Citizenship for pocket-money. Officials were arrested a few days ago. They had been selling citizenship. I heard of such nice behaviour of our officials 7-8 years ago. It is interesting that the police woke up only now.

The first TV-debate of politicians before the general elections

The president of FIDESZ and the head of the parliamentary group of the socialists had a TV-debate in the presence of young FIDESZ fans. The whole matter was childish: no question of national magnitude was touched. The two politicians were quarrelling about money spent for different purposes, no principal questions were touched. The score was definitely 0:0.

A quote from "Jew Watch" - an antisemitic site


CARDINAL MINDSZENTY, of Hungary quoted in B'nai B'rith Messenger, January 28, 1949

"The troublemakers in Hungary are the Jews... they demoralize our country and they are the leaders of the revolutionary gang that is torturing Hungary."


This Mindszenty - who disseminated ethnical hatred from the throne of the Roman Catholic Church (of Hungary) - is one of the idols of the present rulers of Hungary.