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Finally someone

Big interview on the "Hungarian One". The Greatest of All Times gives exclusive interview to Mr Baló. He faces the cameras to explain his records to the Hungarian nation (oh no, he is not explaining, he is pronouncing) in a few cases that caused general disapproval. I am listening and looking for some time carelessly, since pompousness, web of lies, misinterpretation, high-and-mighty manner are flowing out of him. The chap is a genius, unfortunately a lot of people may swallow his dopes. A couple of remarkable strategies. never, in no case is he talking in conditional mood...if we are elected again...if we win the confidence of the people...The whole company has learnt by heart, that every sentence uttered by them has to suggest: they do not have any doubt, they will remain in power. The socialists should learn a little bit of these technics of radiating self-confidence. The other routine they never forget to use is the permanent assertion that they are acting in the interests of the people, of those who have been oppressed till their coming to power in every aspect of life. He does not forget this time as well to interrupt Baló and repeat twice that what they do with Dunaferr now (absolute takeover of power by Fidesz) is in the interest of 10000 workers, they have to save this much working places.

(This was the first time I raised my head: Baló has rightly pointed out that Dunaferr was and is producing profit, nobody was in danger to lose his or her job.)

My good God, what a barnstormer our Lord and Master is!

I am writing these lines because of the importance of what happened after the deadline of the interview. Mr Baló asked his colleagues to extend the time and asked the prime minister (quoting from paper) what was his opinion about the facts that

- the standing committee of our rightist party, MIÉP has taken racist decision regarding the so called "Fradi-case",

- the vice president of the same party has called the Jew (? I do not know, they say so) owner of the buying organization "foreign body",

- the minister of justice has brushed aside the question inquiring about her opinion?

Hold on something, the unpardonable happened: The Greatest of All Times replied as he behaves for the last few months. He declared this racist steps weightless and practically took MIÉP under his wing of protection.

The smiling - till now - party has been promoted to be the shrieking party of Hungary. Be aware, fascism may follow.

I almost forget: the title "finally someone" is a congratulation, addressed to Mr Baló.  His merit is not only that he is the first who was brave enough to ask such basic and delicate question of our Lord, but also that he was able to force him to utter his infamous opinion in public.He also "schooled" him during this part of the interview. So much, that he is not Great any more. Hats off, friends!

This person in question expressed his opinion in one of his recent speeches that this year will be known by history as the year when Hungary and the Hungarian nation has characteristically changed. Mr Turner of the Wheels of History Back! This is not the people of Hungary, who changed, but you and very characteristically.

Interesting facts around the Széchenyi plan

- It came to light that the esteemed Happy End Ltd (No1 subcontractor of the state agency handling publicity of the government) has made some entrepreneurs appear in films advertising credits extended to small entrepreneurs without the knowledge of them (!). One of them has never applied even for such credit. The manager of the company declared that nothing immoral has happened.

- Significant part of the credit-line, allocated to small entrepereneurs has been awarded to big multinational companies. Huge problem if they need it, if they do not....Everybody knows how could it happen.

Where is the leak?

According to a study of an Austrian research institute among seven countries that have changed gangsters in 1990 Hungary has occupied in 1993 the second place behind Slovenia  as far as average income is concerned, but since then it sank to the prestigious third place from behind. Hungarians, who are told every day how fast the country is developing, be proud: Slovakia and Rumania are still behind us!

You are watched everywhere

- Our great rulers are planning to get a bill through the Parliament allowing employers to watch their employees using both audio- and video means of registration. I have been to a big American company where each and every engineer had a separate room, but they were obliged to keep the doors open. The boss walked down the corridor several times a day checking if the engineers had sex on their desks. It was humorous and stupid. And our vitéz (oh no, not nagybányai, just plagiarizing him) governing dignities intend to surpass them?

Manufacturers of webcams rush to Hungary, big business is expected.

- The registration of domain-names will be concentrated in the hands of do they call the main right hand?...Office of the Chancellor. The registration will last not weeks, but months, since they are going to collect information regarding the brave applicant. Thereafter, if the applicant has not criticized yet the government, which is rapidly getting drunk of power, they will get the domain-name registered and add it to the list os sites to be strafed. The site will be frequently visited by ..jumper.itb. I great them as old friends in the stats of our site and wonder: what do they register about us?

Questions of right of ownership as key-questions among Churches

The most competent official of the government explained in an interview on the "Hungarian One" TV-channel (where else should the poor chap appear?): The meeting of the Pope with the Patriarch of the Orthodox Russian Church will definitely take place in Budapest. But for the time being questions of right of ownership of some real estates disturb the negotiations. Jesus Maria, even I, the giaour was able to think that the points of rapprochement during negotiations between  Churches is the joint esteem of God, love and assistance of human race, unification of spiritual values and treasures. It would have not come to my mind that even small questions of material kind might disturb these Churches. And now - if I understand well - questions of ownership of real estates of extraordinary value?? These Churches (not only their God) are adored by hundreds of millions, alltogether more than a billion people, they pay them taxes and esteem their priests. Jesus Maria, where do we live?