Gloss26 & USA2 dtd 24.09                               olvassa magyarul


President Bush delivered a speech that was several times interrupted by those present who greeted him and what he said by standing ovation.

Not everything was right and wise, his definition of the enemies of the USA was simply stupid, for example: whoever is not with us is with the terrorists. Much wiser was Mr Kádár, the communist ex-leader of Hungary, changing the similar slogan of communist leaders to his wise slogan: whoever is not against us is our friend.

The Holy Father of the Roman Catholic Church expressed his wise view yesterday in Kazahstan, saying that negotiations are needed, not a new war. Do you consider him also your enemy?

Fidel Castro is less important, but he still represents a country. He also got angry with this slogan, saying that Cuba is not backing terrorism, but does not want to participate in a war. Is it really a sin?

And anyway: we, citizens of ex-communist countries just got rid of standing ovation and hate it as a symbol of dictatorship.

God save America!

Two Hungarian experts told frankly the population of Hungary in a TV- interview:

No1, the competent undersecretary, dealing with questions of security:

No2, a military expert, professor:

Let it be said in the latter's excuse that according to him a counterblow in itself will not help  much without a short-,  medium- and long term package plan to eliminate the causes of terrorism.

One of the results of the heating up of very understandable sentiments is that racism is becoming again a serious problem in the USA. Two deaths, kamikaze attack on a mosk: does not do any good to America and the world.

One more news connected with the planned war: hunger is already claiming lifes in Afghanistan and the supplies of  food have been stopped (in the interest of an elite?). 



The left won the general elections in the country with sweeping victory. Good news for Hungary before our general elections. The extremely low participation shows how much is the population fed up with the politicians of neocapitalism.


A crazy official, with racist standing, Grespik, has been awarded the title of vitéz (valiant). My dictionary says: title awarded to some ex-servicemen during the (reactionary) Horthy regime. Reactionary or not, judge yourself, but this regime joined fascist Germany in the war against the USA, Britain and the Soviet Union. The right man for this organization of the past.


Lóránd Hegedűs, bishop of the Presbyterian Church has used rude anti-semitist expressions. He got only a slight warning, but was not kicked out of the Church. What kind of Church is this? And are there still people who are surprised at permanent religious conflicts?


Our highly valued government, the heart of which is not bleeding at the sight of the conditions in our hospitals, has awarded HUF 450 million to a movie on Napoleon beeing shooted in Hungary. The short ex-Napoleon must have inspired high respect in the short Napoleon to be, who has donated people's money for this important matter.