Gloss27 dtd 28.09-01.10                                                    olvassa magyarul

I bow once more my head

I cannot keep quiet, my brain does not stop thinking of the incredibility of the horrible, barbarous raid on the WTC of New York. It does not stop thinking of the near future of the world.

Before continuing the publication of my thoughts I bow my head again in salutation of the victims of this inhuman, brutal terrorist act. The world has to unite its forces to make impossible the repetition of such awful killings.

Every step against terror, terrorists must be carefully weighted, targeted to real, well defined mark, concentrated, aimed with perfection so that no more innocent human beings are murdered. In no case should these steps aimed against races, religions. Any action against states or statesmen should be reserved to the UN. Without talking even of war.

Otherwise terrorism will be reborn again and again.

Some remarks on the latest news in connection with terrorism

Warnings done with sympathy

What should be avoided?

American flags

are purchased for USD 1,50 from China and sold for USD 8,00 in the States. No comment.

Hungarian soldiers (?)

patrolling in an USA jeep (under American flag) confiscated a video-casette from a TV-reporter near the American base of Taszár - said a radio-report a couple of days ago. Hm.