Gloss28 dtd. 08.10                                                                   olvassa magyarul

War, again war!

It would be too long a story to explain the reasons I agree with those who believe this step of the USA is their gravest mistake and one of the worse steps any power ever committed anywhere during the ugly history of mankind.

Just a few remarks:

Without abiding international law the safety of the human race will always be in danger.

This is not a war against terrorism (at least not exclusively), but a war against a sovereign state, a nation, a sect of  a religion, and guided by general hatred.

This war is absolutely inhuman: hundreds of thousands of innocent people are already suffering and millions will be suffering from the consequences of it.

This war is widely called retaliation: retaliation is the continuation, expansion of the original evil. It calls for retaliation, for counter-counterblow. It is just the second step in a spiral of hatred.

This war is the act of the only superpower, which is in absolutely monopolistic position (backed mainly by the ex-colonizer of the world). Some of the Allies of this power are dubious states and groups, hated by a lot of people who suffered from them in the past or are suffering even now.

This war is an evil example for other states, nations to do whatever they feel right without counting with the interests and feelings of others :  a sure way to the general domination of force. To gendarmerie.

Stupidity (and much more) has no bounds!

With this I close my chapter of glosses: no sense to try to change rules and laws of thousands of years.

God save America from those who wash their brains and plant hatred in their souls.

God save America from counter-counterblows.

God save the World from hatred, from continuous wars, strikes, blows, counterblows, from gendarms.