Glossa No.3 (31th March 2001)                                                                                                            olvassa magyarul

Our Ten Commandments for parties that aim at winning the next general elections in Hungary


1.      Fight for the power in the name of the whole nation, including the smallest, weakest, poorest strata and all the ethnic groups of it. Never in the name of any class or group, whatever historical role it has played or whatever position (low or high) it occupies now.

2.      Declare that your most important aim is to join the European Union as quickly as possible, but with raised head, on equal rights, not allowing to build new iron curtains like restrictions on free movements of the population.

3.      Declare that you are going to limit your role in the managment and control of the economy to the bare, absolutely unavoidable minimum. Pay special attention only to two sectors: education and health, that are below any acceptable standard.

4.      Save the sinking ship of the agriculture, not forcing any unwise steps against any form of association of peasants, working forces of the agriculture; on the opposite: encourage, stand behind of all viable forms of alliance, union of peasants, extending helping hand in their endeavour to compete with the agriculture of the European Union. Stop the compensation of any kind, that only slow down the pace of development.

5.      Do not spend more on defence than required by NATO. Fight with all your strength until you are in opposition against the purchase of absolutely unnecessary purchase of fighter planes, especially of scrap ones.

6.      Stop the stupid policy of „representing the interests” of Hungarians living in the neighbouring countries, it may only irk the governments and the majority of them. Instead try to build up close and friendly ties with them and help them to join the  European Union as soon as possible. The wheels of history cannot be turned back, common wiseness and the Union may be the only solution.

7.      Separate the state from the church(es) in the strictest possible way.

8.      Secure absolute equality, equal rights and equal opportunities in every aspect of life to every citizen of the country. Do not hesitate to declare positive discrimination for those who would be unable otherwise to become usuful members of the society on their own, especially for those who bear colour stigma on their skin.

9.      Maintain fair administration of justice, speed up law-enforcement against crimes of economic character.

10.  Lead strict fight against corruption, especially in the rows of your own party and construct safety measures against corruption on the highest levels.