Glosses No6:                                                                                                            olvassa magyarul

National referendum

The Socialist Party of Hungary decided to step out with a new, more loud voice against the government.

The decision is long expected, since they are the only hope to save the country from sinking into far-right, sinking into the middle ages.

But their first step, the first attempt proved to be very weak, not on the level of the expectations of millions, not on the level of a party that should be strong and wise enough to successfully fight against the combined forces of the right.

The Socialist Party demands national referendum on four subjects: on one selected para (if I understand well) of the recently changed by the Parliament - indeed worsening the position of labour - "labour law", on the right of every student of medium level schools to learn and take exam of a foreign language free, on maintaining the purchasing power of pensions using a basket of goods containing the actual consumption of pensioners and ....I cannot even recall the fourth subject at all, it must be really important!

The weakness of this step is underlined by the fact that the prime minister could declare within 48 hours that he would say yes to all the four subjects.

Dear fighters for the better, in case you continue picking up questions of the day for national referendum and do not formulate your  wise and farsighted program and do not nominate your  prime minister, you are going to lose this battle before entering into it.

Apropos, prime minister to be: there are rumours that an agreement is being formulated in the highest levels of the party, in accordance with which Mr Kovács will remain the No1 of the party and Mr Németh will be selected as nominee for the seat of  prime minister. A sure way to lose this war. Without Medgyessy - who is the only person representing expertise in economic managment and who is good-looking on the screen - you are dead, old boys.



The minister of health is begging

I do not think I am deaf or easily misinterpret announcements of political leaders.

The (comparatively new) minister of health announced the other day that he hopes to improve the financing of the health-system of Hungary by selling properties of the sector (!!) and increasing the donations of charity organisations.

A new beggar in the government. A great brain!



Let's build a new "Philharmony"!

This is the newest task of the "cultural leadership" of the government.

This is the most important thing to think of in a sector in which the educational system is loosing teachers and professors by hundreds and thousands, because they are unable to make both ends meet working in the sector.

Wise, indeed very wise! There is space in plenty for the new concert-hall next to the new national theater which is being built, free and cheap labour, it will be easy to find an architect again, who will be ready to make the design without going through tendering, not talking about contractors!

But if there is money for this purpose, the leadership of the sector is not only stupid, but.............



A Gypsy boy pushed into cold water by policemen

The government was just protesting against "unproved" statements that the police of Hungary is using phisical methods of punishment on racial basis.

A few days later a Gypsy boy - caught fishing without licence - was pushed into the cold water of river Tisza by the policemen who had arrested him. No racial discrimination, this was just a rare occasion.