Glosses No7 - Quickies, this time:                                                                            olvassa magyarul

1. A member of the Hungarian Parliament (Alain Subi-Du used to call it "Big Circus") was caught taking significant amount of bribe. After a few weeks he was set free. And - believe or not - he expressed his willingness to occupy again his seat in the Circus.

Where is the silk rope and/or exclusion from Casino?

2. The Stock Exchange of Hungary is dead. All those who understand a little bit the behaviour of the Hungarian Exchange were of the opinion that the introduction of taxes on the proceeds will kill it. Nevertheless the crazy tax of 20% was introduced. The Exchange is struggling since then. The No1 of it has just resigned. The wisest of all the governments in the history of Hungary announced - instead of rethinking the stupid step - that the role of the Exchange is anyway marginal. OK, let live without it. Neocapitalism without proper tools.

3. The dolphin occupied its deserved place among the most intelligent creatures on our Earth: it (he/she?) recognises itself in a mirror, which was only known of human beings and man-like monkeys. It is high time for most of our politicians to look into mirror.

4. A Vitéz (valient, knight?) is a frequent guest of our TV programs lately. Middle Age! I hope the next Parliament of Hungary will be wise enough to forbid the usage of titles that create differences between human beings.

5. Members of the Guard of the Government took part in "counting" citizens in localities where top administrators of Hungary live. In a country which is said to have attained democracy, freedom, etc.

6. I have listend the other day to the awful story of an elderly lady, who was shifted to a sheep-fold at the age of 14 along with her parents and younger brother during Rákosi's regime. She spent 3 and a half years there suffering everyday humiliation. She could never recover from the shock.

My good God, how difficult it is in Hungary to say a single word agains rightist forces and in backing the Left! The past - full of ridiculous barbaric atrocities of both sides - is working against the Left: their attrocities are closer to the present!

7. The government of Hungary is frantically searching for foreign forces that influenced the Gypsies of Zámoly to leave the country and to ask for right of asylum in France. It would be much easier for them to find the cause looking around in Hungary and in the government itself.

8. I made a mistake again: went to the bank I mentioned in my "Glosses No5" as the place of my first attempt, to change some money. I had to wait at least 10 minutes, because a lady "customer" and the cashier kept discussing the purchase/sale of socks (no mistake: men's socks, not stocks). At the same counter, where they trade with securities as well. Joke? Comedy? No: Hungarian neocapitalism.

9. Without names: there are two interconnected companies working in one of the high-technology fields, both in the hands of Western capital. They have installed a combined system in my residence. The following problems occured during the (not finished yet) installation: the phone line they modified for the purpose had defects, the CD, containing the software to be installed to my computer was obsolate, the expert, who was supposed to check the gadgets that were installed between the line and the computer and do not work properly, did not turn up in the indicated by them period. Finally: I was unable to find out if he might be expected at all, "because of technical problems". Crazy, isn't it? As if we lived in the "Condemned Era".

10. The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church - the best ever - has apologized for the second time in a couple of years. The first time for the sins committed against the Jewish nation, now for the sins committed against the Orthodox Greek Church by the Church he represents. By the Church which is the idol of the present government of Hungary.

What an idiotic approach of the government! Stupidity has no bounds.

11. Time's opinion about some of the effects of discovery of human genome (I quote, James Graff: Living in the past, April 30, 2001): "...The vast majority of Europeans, be they Italians or Swedes, whether they pride themselves on their aristocratic or peasant origins can trace their ancestry to just seven female lineages and as few as 10 male ones."

What is all that noise in Hungary about aristocrats?

12. Another Time, May 7, 2001, Poland: Jedwabne's Ghosts. I quote again: "...For years, the stone tablet stood on the outskirts of Jedwabne, a memorial to the former Jewish residents of the small Polish town who were killed by the Nazis in World War II. But the memorial was a lie. On a July day in 1941, 1600 Jews were murdered in Jedwabne in a swift, brutal and barbaric pogrom. Some were clubbed to death, others drowned;  the head of one young Jewish girl was cut off and kicked. Mothers were beaten to death with their babies in their arms. As darkness fell, 1500 Jews were forced into a barn, which was then doused with gasoline and set ablaze.

But the Jews were not murdered by the Nazis.........."We now know beyond a reasonable was their neighbours who killed them.""

How could human beings sink so deep? How could racialist propaganda influence common people to become merciless killers?

How can far-rightist groups or even parties shout racialist slogans all over the world, including Hungary?

13. The President and his team. Do you remember my prediction that the leaders of the second biggest coalition party of Hungary will disappear from the political arena? The first step is done: the party has clearly fallen apart: Torgyán is the president of one half or so and his beloved friend is elected to be the president of the second half. It  is difficult to say how long will these unbelievably dishonest politicians spoil the air in Hungary. I hope their political future will be very short.

Sorry, I have just seen a TV-reportage of the two events and withdraw my prediction. Until demagogue politicians can easily get support chanting stupid slogans as Torgyán was able, shouting "bolsik haza, bolsik haza" (bolsheviks, go home), there is place in the "Big Circus" for them and their followers. But it is a shame on our country and people. Shame, shame, shame!