Glosses No8,  on the 13th of May:                                                                                        olvassa magyarul

The Congress of FIDESZ

The message of the recent congress of Fidesz, as I understand it:

- We are well organised! (They really are, most of the rightist formulations are.)

- We do not represent the bourgeoisie on exclusive basis any more, we represent the whole nation. (From one side OK, it was stupid anyway to have a single class on the flag, it was even more stupid to have a non-existent class as background. From the other side: the whole nation contains the left and far-right, ethnic groups as well, yes, ex-communists, socialists, workers, Gypsies, MIÉP. Mr Kövér, what about them?)

- We selected a new president for changing the open far-rightist appearance and rhetoric on the very top for a more mild one. (Fine, let us see if this was just a tactical step or something more lasting. The way you excluded a part of the press from the Congress and the placing of the order for a table set with monarchal emblem for the Parliament - for 33 million HUF - do not confirm the promised changes.)



Any reaction from the other side? 

Difficult to believe, but there was practically no reaction from the left.

The only event wirthwhile to mention was an interview with Mr Medgyessy, who proved to be a politician with conception. MSZP, nominate him your candidate for the prime ministership as soon as possible.




The defect of a crane in the harbour caused the catastrophe of the nuclear submarine Kursk - says a German source. A faulty rocket could not be taken off the submarine, it blew up later causing the death of around 140 people and sinking of a fortune. The value of a nuclear submarine is equal to the value of a medium size city in Hungary.

According to the news Putin was informed of the most probable cause soon after.

I hope you do not want me to comment.

True or not? We, who lived in the Condemned Era know well: the story sounds like many more similar ones. Think of Chernobil.



Two small news:

- The Presbyterian Church of Hungary announced that they do not intend to check the behaviour of their priests during the Condemned Era. I believe, they  know, why.

- We have a new Messiah! Mr Lányi said in an interview that 80-90% of the members of the second biggest coalition party see him as their Messiah. Whoever thinks so, deserves him.

Two even smaller facts:

- The price of a medium class PC in the US is equal to one week's , in Hungary to half a year's everage salary. The gap can only widen!

- The registration of a domain-name in the Western world takes a couple of minutes: you have to have a computer, internet access and a bank card. In Hungary? Minimum two weeks of administrative procedure. Who can understand such crazyness?