Glosses No9, dtd. 05.23                                                                                                        olvassa magyarul


Rightist block?

Berlusconi - idol of our beloved Viktor, the Great - won the election in Italy. Berlusconi, sitting on an empire of media, no wonder. Berlusconi, who is said to have "close contacts" with the mafia, no wonder. Berlusconi, who escaped trial during his first tenure just because his sins became obsolate, no wonder.

The wonder is the stupidity of voters.

Our happiness is growing day by day: we have now a block of rightist or far rightist governments in Europe. Austria, Hungary and Italy. Motherlands of Hitler, Horthy and Mussolini. The jubilant victim of Hitler's Anschluss, the last servitor of fascist Germany and the first fascist dictatorship in Europe. I start shivering.

At last

Mr Kovács withdrew from the candidature of prime ministership and Mr Medgyessy became the only nominee of the left to the post. At last, in the 24th hour. I strongly believe this is the only hope to elect a government in Hungary in 2002 that will save the country from far right and from medieval circus.

And with Berlusconi in Italy the significance of the coming general elections in Hungary has tremendously grown:  we have to be the first to turn the wheels from right to a wise, quiet center-left, capable of thinking in nation-wide and modern terms, solve burning social problems and lead the country out of the deepening division into upper classes, layers and people who do not deserve help, out of the division into followers of white flag and cross and people who consider churches not needed in politics, out of the division into brave soldiers and people who do not consider serving in the army a reason to be proud of.

If we don't do it now, it may effect the whole region as a stabilising factor for the right.




This is the abbreviation for the Stock Exchange of Budapest. A friend of mine drew my attention to the fact that if convert it into Hungarian - buksz - it means (you) fall flat or plunge. What a country we are? Calling the stock exchange its well deserved name?