Where can I play GOLF in  Hungary ? 

Another….no, it is not joke, it is the knowledge of life:

What is golf?

The time and place when and where you can spend a day enjoying yourself without being disturbed by your wonderful spouse.



Chris Codiroli:

My handicap? Woods and irons.


Jack Benny:

Give me my golf clubs, fresh air and a beautiful partner, and you can keep my golf clubs and the fresh air.


Mark Twain:

Golf is a good walk spoiled.

         Almost anyone can learn to play golf, unfortunately I am an almost.


P.G. Wodehouse:

He enjoys that perfect peace, that peace beyond all understanding, which comes at its maximum only to the man who has given up golf.


 Jack completes his game of golf with a par, puts his balls into his   pocket and proceeds happily to the 19th hole, where he is waited by his girl-friend. When he approaches her, she asks him: what is that hub on your right side?

Oh, these are just my balls. - comes the reply.

Strange - she says - I have heard of tennis elbow, but I have never heard of golf balls.


Lesson from GenerationA


The rabbi of Chicago gets up on a nice Saturday and - since the golf course is just 3oo yards from his residence and nobody can be seen around - he decides to break the rule not to do anything on a Sabbath and goes out for a game. His father comes over to see him, notices that the clubs are missing and gets angry. He turns his face to the Heavens and cries out: "Father, look, my son is committing sin, teach him lesson, please".

At the next tree par hole the rabbi makes a hole-in-one. His father turns again to the Heavens: " Father, what have you done, instead of punishing my son you presented him with this wonderful hole-in-one ?"

Think twice before complaining, my son - comes the reply - he cannot tell to anyone.


What is the matter? John asked Jack impatiently, because he was  rather a long time taking his stance. My wife came along today - she's watching me now from the clubhouse, and I want to make this next shot a good one, - Jack explained.

Good Lord - John exploded - you haven't got a hope of hitting her at this distance.


It is almost impossible to remember how tragic a place the world is when one is playing golf.


A well-adjusted man is one who can play golf as if it were a game.


Golf is like a love affair: If you don’t take it seriously, it’s not fun, if you do take it seriously, it breaks your heart.


The latest statistical survey of golfers’ height, conducted on behalf of a major sportswear company, reveals that the average player is seldom as tall as his stories.


The difference between learning to play golf and learning to drive a car is that in golf you never hit anything.


  My own bright findings, or the beauties of winter golf:

  With the onset of winter I continued playing golf as if nothing had  happened. Soon I realised that there were tremendous advantages of winter golf. Just to name a few: 

- because of the freezing cold you cut your game to the bare minimum, thus limiting your sufferings,

- on the frozen ground your shots are longer by 15-20%, you feel as if god lended you wings,

- you lose less balls: the water hazards are covered with ice, the roughs are clean, the trees and bushes are bald,

- instead of the usual noisy crowd there is nobody around, you can really enjoy the smoothing silence of pure nature,

- you get free of escorting nuisances, making stupid remarks; if you still are accompanied by someone crazy enough to go out with you, the cold sticks in the pure thing's throat and loses her or his voice ( if you are lucky, forever).

  The only disadvantage is that the 19th hole is closed, you have to carry the supply with you.

  If you are nobody in golf and like freedom, play golf at winter-time!