Comments to our subjects on India



A few remarks before we start dealing with our subjects:

Though I knew that Indians were excellent in computer techniques and especially in programming I am surprised now to learn that the number of sites on the subject of India is immeasurable, not talking about the unbelievable good quality of them. You select a subject, like the caves of Ellora and Ajanta, expect a couple of sites to pop up and you get 77 of them. You search for sites on Indian music and you get thousands of them. When you narrow the selection to classical Indian music, you still have to go through hundreds of sites to decide what exactly should you suggest your visitors.


I have spent days and nights studying sites. Seeing that the bouquet of these beautiful flowers will be too heavy to carry I was about to drop the idea to talk about India using sites composed by others. Only my love of India and my limited knowledge of the subjects without which it is senseless to try to draw a comprehensive picture of India could force me to continue.

It is also important to draw the attention of our readers to the fact that my knowledge of India originates mainly from two short periods, far in the past (1974-78 that I spent in Bombay and 1982-85 – in Calcutta). Most of the sites on India are very young, crops of the last five to seven years and they are built, maintained by Indians. My occupation did not let me spend much time on studying this wonderful world; the authors of Indian sites are children of the soil, of the fantastic gods, of the habits of the country, their way of thinking may and must differ from mine.

Listen to them and pardon my mistakes.

Comments to the “General sites about India”:

For us, Hungarians, the best Indian site is that of the Embassy of India in Budapest ( ). It is both in English and Hungarian, compact, pointing to the basics and essentials, I recommend it to every visitor, foreigners too. It contains data about Indo-Hungarian relations as well.

Two excellent sites, and, declare themselves or not to be “business-sites”, deal mainly with business. I included them in this list of “general” sites, because they are very good in other aspects of India as well., and are exhausting circles, one may spend days studying them, getting tired but never bored.

Two of them, and open gates of close to 100 cities each, unbelievable for me, who sometime around 1976 visited Bhuj, the gate of which they closed at 10 p.m. and opened only at 6 a.m. next morning. And it is on the Net today?!

If you are not satisfied with what the above cited sites offer you, click on or and you will get a lot of other sites, most of them really enjoyable.

Do not believe any quantity of sites can replace a visit or better long staying in India. This is one of the countries where you have to live to believe (or still not to believe) that it exists at all, that such deep differences may exist between human beings, between cultures, religions, ways of thinking about the existing and non-existing world.

I am not ambassador of India, but have to advise you: go and see for yourself!