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Antal Halmos "Delhi"





I have spent seven years in India.

Seven years full of trouble, difficulties, hard work and little joy.

Seven years in a world entirely different from what I was used to: hot and humid climate, dirt and poverty, unbelievable differences in wealth, a fantastic mixture of languages, habits, behaviour, snobbery or even cruelty towards the low strata of society.

As I grew closer to the wonder that is India, I understood the positive sides of this huge country as well: the quietness and tolerance of the population, easy way of life, friendly attitude towards foreigners, beauty of the landscape and architecture, richness of culture, love of children.

I have read hundreds of books on India, travelled in the empire as much as I could, was trying to be open for everything, and after 4 – 5 years of staying in India I thought I knew quite a lot about the country. I even told an Indian: “ I am half-Indian now.” His reply was quiet and simple: “Mr Halmos, one cannot become, but has to be born Indian.” Another time I referred to an English-born orientalist to an Indian. The reply was a cold shower again: “Do not refer to English experts, they have spent lifetimes here, but could not understand even the surface of India.”

In spite of these warnings I cannot keep silent on India. I feel I have to share with the world whatever I learnt. I hope it may prove to be useful for those who want to get acquainted with India.

Our approach will be the following: we present information in English, in parallel with my writings on India in Hungarian (and my pictures). Whenever I feel that my opinion differs from the opinion of the published information, I shall make comments.

The subject is so vast that we shall never be able to complete it: we shall continue adding to the text new and new data.

Our chapters:

General remarks



Great Souls

Peoples, Languages

 Religions, Casts


Music, Dance

Architecture, Cities




Hungarian Sites

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