The below indicated lady has not effected the payment till today for CDs, delivered in good order! Be careful with her!

From: Andrea L. Winkler [winkleal@whitman.edu] Sent: 2001. augusztus 28. 21:35 To: Halmos Antal Subject: Re: Kalyi Jag - CDs Greetings, Yes, I will be happy to take the display copies :) Thank you for the offer. The address is 1346 Bonsella, with a B. Alas, however, I am not Hungarian, at least not within three generations, and must beg for a translation. We do, however, do Rom and Hungarian dances in the dance class that I teacyh. Thanks for letting me know, --Andrea Winkler At 11:16 AM 8/28/01 +0200, you wrote: >Dear Ms Winkler, >I have to apologize: we could not post the CDs yet. We depend on Kalyi Jag >and they were closed for summer holidays till yesterday and now they >refurbish their office. >There are two options: >1. You wait until I get the CDs from Kalyi Jag or >2. You accept for half price our copies that were used just for putting up >them on the site. >Pls confirm. >Pls also clarify the first letter of your address. Is it Bonsella or >Ronsella?? >With best regards: Tony (Halmos) >P.S.: I suppose you are Hungarian and will understand: Rettenetesen >szégyellem magam!