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 Intro:   The first works we publish are verses of very young girls of Flamish origin, living in Canada. We are absolutely sure both are talented poetesses

What is Life?
By Caroline Rich
4/23/97 (then 11 years of age)

What is Life?
Life is the burdens you bare on your back.
Life is the things you know you lack.
Life is the joy on the special day, when everything seems to ho your way.
Life is the colors of fish in the sea.
Life is the feelings of you or me.
Life is water.
Life is rain.
Life is learning to bare your pain.
Life is the sun, the moon, and the stars.
Life is the gleam on a cookie jar.
Life is the sound of trees in the wind, providing for us a gentle breeze.
Life is the slap of a humpback's tail.
Life is the slowness of a garden snail.
Life is suffering from blindness.
Life is kindness.
Life is love.
Life is the grace of a turtle dove.
Look around and you can see everything that life can be.
Look on land, look on sea.
Life is you, life is me.

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