Snow (by Caroline Rich, an 11 years old girl from Canada) 

I could watch snow flakes endlessly, 
Gracefully descending gently as can be. 
Gazing at them float puts my mind at rest, 
each tiny little flake so different than the next. 
A gift of love from God to cheer our wistful hearts, 
a beautiful display of natures wondrous art. 
Let snow whisper in your ear, the secrets that you long to hear. 
Let it draw you nearer to a mother to her child, 
Or let it stand before you as a father strong and mild. 
Turn your face up to the sky and feel the snow's caress, 
Let it float to the ground....the earth's milk white dress. 
Watch the snow reflect the light like sparkling stars in the night; 
The peacefullness that it creates fills my heart with great delight. 
So on a snowy winter day do not waste the day away, 
But watch awhile and you'll see the gift that God meant it to be.