Catherine Rich                           
Why? Why? Why?

I asked the shells
"Why, Why do you move
across the floor of the sea?"

The waves
The wves of the sea move us.

I asked the waves of the sea
"Why? Why do you push the shells
across the floor of the sea?"

The wind.
The wind pushes us along.

I asked the wind
"Why? Why do you push
the waves along?"

The rain.
I am afraid of it.
It scares me, so il ((??)) run.

I asked the rain
"Why? Why do you scare the wind so?"

I am lonely.
I would like to meet the shells but they move.

I told the wind
"Don't be afraid of the rain.
It just wants to be friends with the shells.
Please stop blowing.

I am afraid of the rain,
but can stop for friendship.



is like
the beautiful sparkling 
diamond sky.
Like a
deep dark
slow flowing
It looks like 
beautiful shining jewels.
It is 
smiling down.


The Tree

The tree
in the large school yard.
Its crackly silvery gray bark
covers it from top to bottom.
Its branches
twist and turn,
with dark green leaves
covering them.
Its surface is
rough and bumpy.
Its roots grow
all over the place.