“The discriminated position of women is illustrated even by their role in arts, not as artists, but as subjects of arts.

How many women and men are depicted  on paintings, as sculptures or even in movies?

And what about greek - roman sculptures? - I asked her.

Oh, yes, that was a period of enlightenment, but since the middle ages till today one prick falls to 100 cunts. The genitals of women are shown just for satisfying the sexual thirst of men, women anyway only in the near past could openly express that they also do search satisfaction in sexual relations. And even now they suffer drawback in their search for a permanent partner if they express it. Hm, is she right?”

“Another lady-acquaintance got angry with me: How can you say so? The opposite is the truth. We enjoy positive discrimination: we are loved, obeyed, pampered, we may retire earlier than men, our average lifespan is longer than yours. Exploited never live longer life than exploiter. Hm, two extremely different opinions in the same country, which is the right one?”