Hungary My homeland, a country to be pitied (in Hungarian)


The capital of Hungary! Splendid, isn't it? (author unknown)
Transylvania I am not brave enough to describe the status of this part of the world

History, Religion, Castes, Photo Gallery  Történelem, Vallás, Kasztok, Fotók
Nepal Wonderful, shockingly extraordinary world
China (incl. Tibet) Two weeks in the FUTURE (in Hungarian)


Travel Guides, Links to important information sources concerning your journey                     

Útleírások, linkek fontos információkhoz az utazással kapcsolatban 


Some slides of Rome / Római diagyűjtemény
England My two days' trip &  Ancsa+Misi's pictures (in Hungarian)
Amsterdam Two days on the way home, 1983 (in Hungarian)
Belgium  For the time being I have only pictures of Bruges, the city I love, the city of my childhood
Denmark Just a stopover
France One of our stop-overs on our first trip across Europe (in Hungarian)
Switzerland On transit on my first trip by car to Western Europe (in Hungarian)
Monte Carlo Rich and gracious (in Hungarian)
Italy A few steps in this country of fantastic relics
Germany Reminiscences of short trips before and after the unification (in Hungarian)
USA The opinion of a little European
Cuba Wonderful country, wonderful people
Ex-Yugoslavia History: past and present (in Hungarian)
Croatia An excursion of friends to this country of unbelievable beauty
Istria (Croatia) Beautiful region of Croatia (in Hungarian)
Austria Glimpses into our brother's land (in Hungarian)
Czechoslovakia Later Czech Republc & Slovakia, my visits & photos of Misi+Ancsa
Poland My official visits and a ski-tour (in Hungarian)
Finland A short visit in 2007 (in Hungarian)
Bulgaria Grey cities, exciting mountains, Rila and splendid seashores (in Hungarian)
Romania Just a glimpse (in Hungarian)
The Ex-USSR Fading memories of years spent there (in Hungarian)
Farewell (to Arms) My farewell trip (in Hungarian)
Moscow The city of my student days (in Hungarian)
Kyiv (Kiev) Just a few pictures (in Hungarian)
Japan Photos from
Chechnya A small nation under Russian boots
Libya My own impressions
Egypt Two exhausting days in and around Cairo (in Hungarian)
Marocco Photos of Mr. Hanuska
Israel Nine days in this fantastic and strained - full of hatred - land  (in Hungarian)
Malta Four days: strange, exciting, friendly
Cyprus 3-4 days on business (in Hungarian)
North Korea My daughter's reminiscences (in Hungarian)
Turkey I My short staying in Istanbul (in Hungarian)
Turkey II Trips of my cousin, László Halmos (in Hungarian)
Greece My daughter's and my own view of Greece (in Hungarian)
Venice My daughter's visits to the area (in Hungarian)
Syria My official trip to Syria in 1969


One day and a half, my trip from Syria
Iraq A short visit and wars
Iran A visit during Reza Pahlavi's reign
Dubai Five days of  Mr László Kálmán in Dubai (in Hungarian)
A fantastic round trip of Amrita's kindergarten-friend and her husband (in Hungarian)  
The world of Seas Wonderful pictures (author unknown to me), just for a rest. Wait quietly.
Alaska (USA) Beautiful nature  (author unknown to me), have a rest
Only in... Strange, strange  (author unknown to me)
Everest My distant love
Birds Eye Pictures, taken from above (author unknown to me). Wait quietly.
Extra Fotki 27 splendid photos (author unknown to me). Wait a little bit.
Notes from the Road Excellent "notes" from exciting  places. Enjoyable!
Bali Hilton So much beauty - it's disgusting (author unknown to me)
Bora Bora Not any worse than Bali (author unknown to me)
Spain A song without words (in Hungarian)
Portugal Photos of Mr. Hanuska (of Lisbon only)
Bangkok Two days in a wonderful town (in Hungarian)