Erdély - Transylvania
Selected photos Transylvania (Erdély in Hungarian) is that part of the world the borders of which are the Carpathian Mountains (or Transylvanian Alps) and the river Theiss (awful, in Hungarian it is Tisza). The peoples of Transylvania are happy, because they live in exceptionally beautiful mountainous, hilly surroundings, but are at the same time   unfortunate, because for centuries their homeland was battleground of stupid nations like we, Hungarians, our neighbours, the Rumanians and the Turks are. The largest ethnic group in Europe living separated from the main body of their nation are the Hungarians of Transylvania, who call themselves (and we call them too) Székely (Sekei). Nice, clever people. We have a saying: "His mind is tortuous, like that of a Székely." It did not help them float over the stupidities of history. Their number is decreasing.

Transylvania is known mostly as the birthplace of Count Dracula, a bloodthirsty, extremely cruel Hungarian noble. Read about him and about the history of Transylvania in the links below.

I spent two - two years and a half during WWII in Nagyvárad (now Oradea), which is situated at the western edge of Transylvania. I started my schooling there and lived the happy life of a middle class child until the American-British bombings started. We left the nice city just minutes before it was encircled by the Soviets at the end of 1944. Happy occasion, we could have lived the terrible decades of Ceausescu's reign in Rumania. 

I have driven through Transylvania only ones, since I left it as a child, only because my wife wanted to have a glimpse at it. I hated Ceausescu and his nationalism so much, I felt pity for Székelys so much, I could hardly bear that half a day, the poverty, hopelessness.

Since then my daughters with their husbands and my wife have visited Erdély. I hope they will be ready to write a few words about their experiences. The pictures, shown here have also been taken by them.

I  am still afraid to go there, the situation is not meant for me.


Erdély (Transylvania) in 2007 

Végül rávettem magam, hogy ellátogassak Erdélybe, ahol életemből 3 évet töltöttem. Három döntő évet: Nagyváradon kezdtem iskoláimat és ott értek először a háború borzalmai.
Selected photos
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