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Something better

The government of Hungary was not brave enough to lease 24 scrap warplanes for around USD 1 billion. The decision is to lease practically new Grippens and only 14 pcs. This is still a much bigger burden on the neck of the nation, than necessary, but something better than expected. They easily could have been even more stupid.


The name of one of Hungary's worst political figures was used last week to name a kind of garden in a village in Hungary. The past is creeping back.

We, rightist forces have to teach Europe.....

This is the essence of what one of the top officials of the foreign affairs of Hungary said on a meeting of European rightist parties. Ridiculous.

The same wise gentleman declared that there are no leftist forces in Hungary. "We have to play the role of the left as well." - he said. Hm, what about public opinion? The backing of the socialists is 4-6% higher than of Fidesz, according to polls.  

Elephants in a china-shop

High priests of other Churches follow the example of a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church warning their followers not to vote for liberal evil (socialists and social democrats) in the general elections of next May.

Jewish lady is the new ambassador of the USA in Hungary

I do believe it is not without purpose. Wise decision.

The Center of Building the Image of the Country (some say: Orbán-image Center)

They got a financial recension. Not a single paper was found in order, they do not have a competent book-keeper, they do not abide laws - this is the state of affairs in one of the top institutions of the government. Can you guess the reaction of the government and the No1 of this Center? Impossible. "We shall put things in order, the disorders are caused by the pioneering character of our activities and because we follow international standards (instead of laws and regulations of Hungary?)."

The warning of the European Union (Time, September 17, 2001)

The European Parliament warned applicants for E.U. membership that their accession may be delayed because they fail to address key issues. Hungary was asked to stop trafficking in women and to protect the rights of the Roma minority.

Chechnya again (Time, same date)

"The conflict has claimed tens of thousands of lives since 1991"

My comment: This is the fourth war of Russia against Chechnya. Hundreds of thousands have been lost in the first three and the population of the nation (or country) has never reached 1 million!! Pay attention to the proportions of this horror-story.

Prices of everyday commodities in Hungary

German friends spent a week in Hungary. They say that the prices of everyday commodities are twice as high as in Germany, counted on exchange-rate. This is an exaggeration, no doubt. But my daughter, Amrita spent three months last year in the USA and three months early this year in Berlin (both times on studentship) and her opinion is similar. According to her the difference is around 20%. The earnings in both countries are 8-12 times higher. It means that an average Hungarian lives 10-15 times worse then an American or a German. In a European country. After 11 years of the victory of  neocapitalism.